portable shoe shine stands

Alright how many of you know, that a small business is much more successful then a large business, and its more guaranteed for success then a large business, not only is it successful but its time consuming and your capital is small, and not only is the capital small but you can regain it in less then a couple of months, try out the idea of being in a business where you have a talent that your planning to offer, and see what I’m talking about so many people will run for your business, and probably try to imitate it one day.

When you have some that is trying to copy your idea, you should already have had a copy right notice by now, I mean for you to reach that kind of publicity would mean that you have passed lots of obstacles and could be on the verge of franchising as well. You know that if you good at making cakes, you should make a stand and sell it in your neighborhood, always stress on your talent because no one will ever do it better then you, not even in a million years. We are all different that something you should know and be very aware of.

One business idea that actually caught my attention a few years back was the shoe shining business, I actually doubted it, although it had a business plan the size of Utah but it still made me feel for a minute that its a business that most people won’t understand and might make fun of, I would like to tell you that today this business stands not only in a neighborhood, but its an entire industry now. Not only does it take away from your dignity but it also takes away your educational pride but that didn’t stop the owner from starting it, he started out in a small neighborhood with a stand where he would ask people if he could shine there shoes,and not only would he just shine then but he would repair then and fix leather shoes as well. After a while he realized that the customers are increasing everyday so he raised his price, allowing him to not only start hiring employees but to rent a shop near by for his regulars to stay regulars, and to increase business. Today, this idea is getting adopted by so many different types of people and being a portable shoe shine stands franchise.