sale of binghampton minor league baseball team


Being a business owner, is sometimes much harder then being the employee, some people don’t see like that they see it that this person isn’t obligated to do anything and all he does is hire people to work for him, well didn’t people think for just a minute that if this place wasn’t open there would be about ten jobs that would have been missing in our lives, another point we should also look at, its not about the jobs that are available as much as how can a business owner leave there business, they can leave for an hour or two or three but they have to actually stay after working hours to close up, and finish up certain financial paper work, that isn’t the real problem the real problem is that we should all know that being a business owner is a full time job, they are the ones that take all the risk and they are the ones that are responsible for your actions as employees, and as customers.

What if we are talking about buying a great team, like a basketball team, or tennis team, or baseball team these things are even harder then owning a store or any home owned business, when you buy an entire team your paying cold hard cash, that you don’t know will succeed, but you had a thought or a belief that you thought you should put on your guts pants and try it out, the best thing you should do at this moment is try and relax, try not to think way too much about the concepts around you, you should trust your decision and continue working hard in order to reach your goal.

The only thing that everyone looks at is how much money people are actually getting or gaining from buying a team, what they don’t know is how much they truly spend, in order to get that team running, get a good coach and great clothing, its another full time job, whether they are spending most of there money to make it work, or putting in all of there thinking effort, or actually coaching the team, its more then a full time job, because when they go home they don’t go to sleep and rest no there mind and there thoughts is all over the place trying to figure out how to get the business up and running, it doesn’t what is for sale, it might be sale of binghampton minor league baseball team, as long as you believe in it.