Aruba business for sale

Aruba business for sale

The most popular (legal) persons in Aruba appear Following: N Society with the limited responsibility (of ” naamloze Vennootschap of “) (” N.V of “); N in the Aruban the freed corporarion (” Arubans Vrijgestelde vennootschap “) (” A.V.V “); N By basis (” Stitching”); N Partnership (” maatschap” and/or “VOF” and/or “Résumé”). 3, 3 N.V. 3.3.1
The start In N. V. it is registered in the notarial by the matter, at least, two (legal) persons before the civil liberty of notary in Aruba. This of the notarial report of incorporation is specific regulations and the positions, which regulate the companies conducting its matters. Regulations and the rule usually they call the articles of association. Specific article the report about the start must be executed in Holland language. The project of enrollment must be it gave to the Ministry of Justice with the request to the declaration of the ministers of legal there are no objections. After the Ministry of Justice granted to the declaration of ministers -from- no objections and notary properly carried out the report about the registration, corporarion legally does not exist.

3.3.3 Aruba business for sale Registration When it is included on, the manager of director (OV) from corporarion appears (they appear) they are obligated to register corporarion the commercial register to the local chamber Commerce. Detailed information will given include the object of corporarion, her portion of capital and personality in directors, regulatory directors (if the same are located), and possibly attorneys into that, acting in accordance with the general authorities attorney.
3.3.3 joint-stock capital According to the law of Aruban regulation capital in N.V it must be not less than 50,000 SRG. Specific article incorporators must participate in the regulation the portion capital, at least the fifth part of the released actions, which must remain unresolved and it published to all sale periods. At least 10% of released joint-stock capital it must be paid. Therefore at the moment of switching one of those released Joint-stock capital must be not less than 10000 SRG and paid capital must be not less than SRG 1000. The actions of corporarion must have nominal cost, which is determined in the regulations. Nominal capital exceeds payments into capital are considered as portion rewards (” agio”).
3.3.4 Actions if article determines that the association exists in different types of actions, all actions are counted to have equal rights and responsibilities are given them.

There are no actions it can be given out without voting rights. Certification the actions, which compose the separation between the legal and the economic/the benefit of property rights on the action, is impossible. Furthermore normal actions, privileged actions and priority it can be published.

3.3.5 The administration In N. V. governs one or several executive directors (” Bestuurders”). With the start of the manager of the director they are assigned for the first time. After start in the general meeting of shareholders has the right to appoint and it frees from the post of the manager of director. The manager of director it can be to physical or legal persons. Controlling Director must have directors of Aruba business for sale license, in order to act as similar. Board of directors represents corporarion determines business policy and it governs its matters. All directors it is individually permitted to represent corporarion. In many instances the articles Association to determine, that this even in the case of questions, the disputing interests. Limitations with respect to permission to represent corporarion can be introduced in the articles association it can be used with respect to the third sides. Board of directors bears responsibility for business sale Production the annual reports and publication in annual report.

During eight months after that, book Year corporarion completed to the board of control director they must present the annual report, which contains balance report and calculation of profits and losses, on General meeting of shareholders. If this provided in the regulations of association limited of the responsibility of corporarion they can have observant board of directors (” Raad van Commissarissen”) for the observation of management of corporarion and for consultation and control of the manager of director. If the article of the association determine otherwise, observant council is assigned at the general meeting of shareholders.

3.3.6 Aruba business for sale shareholders the session At the general meeting of the shareholders of society with the limited responsibility the corporarion has the following authorities, among other: – any corrections to the articles of association; – designation, resignation or the stopping of the action directors; – designation, resignation or the stopping of action observant council; – the assertion of financial reports; – statement, dividends and other capitals distribution; – the disintegration of corporarion; – to resolutions to give to bankruptcy or stopping of payments; all other authorities, which were not in view of law or in the articles of association into another legal person. The general meeting of business shareholders must be carried out in not thinner frequent than one time per year.

If another is not determined in Aruba business for sale Regulations of society, conference must be carried out during nine months after the end of financial year in corporarion. At the general meeting of the financial account and explanatory notes to them must be represented board of directors before the shareholders after