balloon business for sale

balloon business for sale

Jackyln is an executive for one of the largest companies in the mid-West. After the recent major between another firm in the Upper East Coast of Manhattan, the CEO wanted to go national.

This meant Jacklyn and the others in the department will have to do a lot of advertising to capture the market. Since the budget for this to happen did not get any increases, this made it more challenging to accomplish the desired balloon business for sale objective.

Driving home from work, Jacklyn saw one shop that was using an inflatable balloon. The establishment had a promotional balloon business for sale and this has somehow attracted some drivers to park nearby and check it out.

Seeing the potential, Jacklyn checked and found out that inflatable balloons were quite cheap. This may not work to get the company moving so something bigger had to be needed such as a large helium balloon.

Jacklyn checked out a few suppliers and found one that could fulfill the requirements of the balloon company. All this person had to do was submit a design so that the shop can make it and give it after 2 weeks.

Since the quote given was cheap, Jacklyn called for a meeting with everyone in the department. The objective now was to come up with a good design that has the company’s colors and logo.

After three days, everything looked ready. The approval of the CEO was the only thing left standing in the way for the project to push through.

The presentation went well and the idea was approved. This is because the cost for making one balloon is much cheaper than an ad campaign on television or on a billboard. The following week, Jacklyn went back and gave the design to the supplier.

As promised, the balloon business for sale was ready after two weeks. The helium powered balloons purchased measured 20 feet long that can easily be assembled and disassembled. The tanks of helium just have to be replaced to keep this object in the air.

Feeling satisfied with the results, the final payment was made and this was turned over to Jacklyn’ team who will be supervising the flights of this new toy.

The team will have to go on the road a lot to promote the new products of the balloon business for sale company. This meant going on fairs and conventions, which made the balloon very useful to create brand awareness.

After 4 months into the new campaign, a few more balloons were ordered to make it easy for the advertising balloon business for sale department to reach more people in other states.