Best franchise companies

Best franchise companies

Rent to possess is an extremely franchise effective industry and while the wide features of lease to possess procedures are standardized, still the different lease to possess companies alter to a great extent in the opportunities and benefits which they provide to potential franchise. Here is a list of some of the most flourishing lease to possess companies in the domain, with Best franchise companies illustrations of what makes each company extraordinary.

Rent-n-Roll is among the most significant wheel and tire traders in the country, with seven company-possessed stores and more than fifty franchises (with another twenty anticipated to commence by the end of 2010). Rent-n-Roll initiated franchising wheel and tire lease to possess, and they examine everything considerably in their company-possessed stores before sharing it with franchises. They are really big on foundation, and the most effective ideas and most flourishing formulas are then shared with franchisees. Rent-n-Roll is seeking franchisees who have rent to possess experience (not needfully automotive) with specific focus on experience in formulating new markets who have a net worth of $250,000 and who are intending to invest $25,000 in franchise bungs. For a 4% royalty the company manages all business, advertising, and seller relationships so that individual franchisees can focus on managing their own Best franchise companies lines of work – the leasing and selling – and allow the company be troubled about preparation and advertising.
Aaron’s specializes in lease to possess electronics, furniture, computers and tools. It has 865 company-possessed stores and 450 franchises, with 250 more stores set up to commence by 2012. Aaron’s are gratified about its superior procedure and record of success in the lease to possess domain. It is attempting to acquire franchisees who are team players, propelled people who interpret the benefits of brand-name realization and verified formulas. Potential franchisees are anticipated to have leastwise $250,000 in net worth and be intending to invest from $20,000 to $150,000 in the franchise. It assumes a 6% royalty.

Premier Rental-Purchase specializes in home furnishings, and has more than 50 franchises set up, with another 50 anticipated to commence by the end of 2010. Premier helps potential franchisees with financial bargains at their own local banks instead of through a central bank. They are extraordinary in supporting franchisees to make their own options to suit their individual conditions. They are attempting to apply skilled operators who are intending to invest $20,000 in the franchise bungs. Premier assumes a 3% royalty, with $100 monthly advertising co-op for each Best franchise companies store.

ColorTyme Rent-to-Own specializes in furniture, electronics, and tools and has 275 franchised lease to possess places (no company-possessed stores) with considerable programs for expansion. Color-Tyme assists franchisees with support in store opening, in addition to 100% inventory funding, accounting, human resources comprising comprehensive training, and payroll processing. They are seeking companies franchisees with leastwise $100,000 net worth and $25,000 to invest in franchise bungs. The royalty is 5% and there is a $250 advertising co-op bung for each Best franchise companies store.

Rimco specializes in wheels and tires, and is just starting to expand from 19 company-possessed stores to franchising and is eagerly attempting to apply skilled Best franchise companies operators who are self-motivated, have $450,000 net worth and $35,000 to put into the franchise bungs. Rimco provides the advantages of a big corporation with the tractability and exemption of a new companies franchiser. They assume a 6% royalty.