Brightstar healthcare franchise

Brightstar healthcare franchise

BrightStar Healthcare franchise is the novel face in the healthcare employment marketplace, supplying enrolment services to hospitals, nursing homes, schools, government installations as well as to secret individuals. We are devoted to the aim of supplying qualified and consistent medical prop up staffing services to healthcare suppliers, patients and competent service candidates.

BrightStar Healthcare is designed with the patient’s in a quest for personal care and wellbeing in mind. In home locations, customers can anticipate to get aid with all personal hygiene and light housekeeping enlisting ; bathing, oral hygiene, modifying linens, meal research and other private services. The Future is Bright Brightstar Healthcare franchise The future is outstandingly bright for the healthcare employment industry.

Between 1995 and 2030, the number of Americans over 65 will double, mounting the command for home health services and all sorts of care for the mature. As the baby boomer populace ages, the sum of nurses is lessening. The need for companies supplying eminence healthcare staff is previously mounting at an exponential rate.

Now, BrightStar is mounting to the national level, sharing the accomplishment we’ve accomplished with others who desire beginning a company like this one. BrightStar is the only national franchise of its kind, serving the requirements of both private and corporate customers, supplying both medical and non-medical care. BrightStar’s aim is to become the leader in the speedily mounting market of healthcare enrolment services.

We seek caring, dynamic people to get in the list of our team and to aid us become the most excellent company of its class in the world. In return, we give out a license that promises wonderful chances for profit and success. Brightstar Healthcare Our Mission We are people who do have concern about people.

We prop up our customers and staff with every ways promising. Our success is grounded in our standards of empathy, obligation and community. We have the goal to become the most extraordinary health care employment service in the world.

BrightStar Healthcare franchise is one of the few companies that serves both private customers in their homes as well as communal entities like hospitals. That means we attract an outsized number of customers and higher gains than if we proffered staffing only to one group or the other. dissimilar most healthcare staffing services, BrightStar also proffers indemnity, bonuses and holiday purchase for its whole-time personnel.

That makes us a highly beautiful manager to caregivers and medical service suppliers. Who We Are Looking For We are searching for pioneers who care about people. A locale in healthcare is not vital. Technical knowledge doesn’t always transform to an aptitude to work with others and to make fantastic things occur.

To become a BrightStar Healthcare franchisee, you need an apparition for your life, a gameness to learn and a fervour to succeed. We’ll supply the rest.

Your Advantage BrightStar proffers many key merits over analogous trade chances:

* The power to supply both medical and non-medical care in one of the greatest mounting markets.
* Staffing both for clandestine individuals and for commercial customers.
* Thorough training permitting you to be sure of yourself as you start your own trade.
* The most resourceful and striking tackling software system in the industry. You waste your time concentrating on sales and not the paperwork!
* Superior marketing hold up and a current assurance to give you a hand mounting revenues.
* deference for your aims and dreams. We are there to hold up you every procedure of the method.

Franchise Training The first week of training at our headquarters in Chicago will set up the establishment for your accomplishment. This training will aid you put your trade on the fast way. There will be much to understand, but you will always be relaxing and in management.

The BrightStar training will double your success. We know what it takes to succeed since we ourselves are in the trade. We will help you shun several of the consequences we encountered when we started. “How do I talk to caregivers? How do I recruit clients? How do I work the software?” We’ll argue about every feature of establishing a healthcare staffing trade. You’ll get to implement what you learn in replications that mimic Brightstar cases you’ll face in the area.

Ongoing Franchise Support

Our current license hold up is made to keep you updated. In the early phases of your trade, we will aid you to support the themes and techniques you understood in training. This includes:

* skilled staff accessible when you need us
* A proper mentoring course
* presenting with other license owners
* current trade information on our world-class healthcare franchise web site
* An Internet bulletin board
* yearly assemblies State-of-the-Art Business System

BrightStar Healthcare franchise enlists in its license package the Athena Business System, state-of-the-art technology for the healthcare staffing industry out of stock anywhere else. enhanced by the establishers of BrightStar, the program was crafted with you, our license owners in mind. You tackle the vending while the computer handles the paperwork: development, customer information, payroll, billing, recruiting, tackling reporting, competitor tracing and more are all tackled by the Athena Business System.