Business for sale Michigan southeast

Business for sale Michigan southeast

It seems as though disregarding about how long I recognized the fact that the “chicken dance” always preceded bargains; I always was learning new treads to the dance routine. Even though the ultimate aim of the dance — to attain power or position — never alters, bestowing the factor of a new culture to the mix, all of the time brings supplemental, and somewhat different, treads to the dance routine.

In the condition that comes after, the “chicken dance” dragged out throughout a period of years, and eventually, passed over the border into Mexico where it became combined with some steps from the “Mexican Hat Dance” — a stimulating Business for sale Michigan southeast mixture to say the least!

Just to set the stage, I had been working for Ford in Mexico during the period 1974 – 1977. Back in1980, I was the business planning manager for one of Ford’s component manufacturing divisions in Michigan. Throughout that time, all of the Business for sale Michigan southeast division’s manufacturing procedures were situated in southeast Michigan.

To the limit that the division demanded supplemental manufacturing capacity, I thought that they should really think about demonstrating procedures in Mexico. There were considerable benefits to settle there with regard to lower labor disbursements, government bonuses, in addition to export Business for sale Michigan southeast credits to mention some of them.

In my opinion, it looked like an “easy task,” and I persuaded myself that everyone would sign up to be on the team to carry out the project. Consequently, I arranged a meeting with the general manager and some department business heads, and called them to a presentation illustrating the advantages of situating in Mexico versus constructing more new facilities in the same area of Michigan. I was really certain of myself that I needed all of the “head chiefs” in the division to be there to take part. The meeting was attended by the general manager, “Gregarious Bob,” who for sure sat at the head of the table. “Gregarious Bob” was surrounded by his controller, and his director of procedures. Likewise seated along both sides of the table were the Business for sale Michigan southeast director of human resources, all four local plant managers, and nearly all other managers who took part in the meeting. I, for sure was seated at the far end of the table, opposite “Socialized Bob.”

As I took a look around the room, it was a full house and I was about to start what I thought was a considerably orchestrated dance. I must claim that Business for sale Michigan southeast looking back, it seemed as though the entire world was looking down at me.