Business for sale north east England

Business for sale north east England

North Cyprus is not determined as a disjoined, independent state by any country, other than Turkey. The Greek Republic of Cyprus joined the EU in 2004, but the Greek Cypriots voted against the UN decision to unite the island. As a result, there is no extradition agreement was posed between North Cyprus and the UK.

This has contributed to North Cyprus turns to be a Business for sale north east England secure spot for people who are running away from UK justice. The most famous example is that of Asil Nadir, who was rm broke down in 1990 and Mr Nadir was out of reach as he had gone off to North Cyprus. Mr Nadir has rested in North Cyprus, and led off various estimable and operative companies.

Some of the other fugitives from the UK bear a more cranky history in North Cyprus.

Mr Gary Robb is the former proprietor of the Blue Monkey, a Teeside nightclub / rave joint. He was caught by the Cleveland police in 1996 after some 200 police in full riot gear carried out a drugs raid on the premises. He was accused of conspiracy to provide Ecstasy and amphetamines.
His brother, James Robb, was being guilty and afforded a 10 year Business for sale north east England condemnation after a raid on the Colosseum club in Stockton. Obviously the brothers either possessed or commanded 5 clubs in the North East of England. He had obviously confronted Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH) accuses on various cases during the trend of his line of work.

Mr Gary Robb disappeared when on Business for sale north east England bail and later on appeared in North Cyprus. He arrogates to be innocent of all accuses and desires to get back to the UK, at some future date, so as to clear his name.

Cleveland police have recently asserted that the guarantee for Mr Robb stays on charge and that he will be caught in case he get back to the UK.

Mr Robb Business for sale north east England organizer a Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC) Company, Aga Developments Ltd, and led off various construction processes in the TRNC.

The principal development is at Arapkoy, to the east of Kyrenia and off the mountain road to Nicosia and Ercan airport. On this location, some 246 holdings stay being built. The location is known as Amaranta Valley, and the sad tale is oftentimes Business for sale north east England related to as the Aga Saga. Work at Arapkoy was stopped in September 2005 once Mr Robb vanished from the TRNC. On this condition, he reappeared in Thailand.