business opportunity document

business opportunity document

What services would a numeral manuscript files trade chance proffer “business opportunity document” customer?

A Digital Archive trade chance would proffer customers a variation of selection linking to the moveable storage space of computer files and documents. Copies of files can be done by email acquiescence, or by posting copy on discs. Some firms will start making files that can be kept on computer from hard copy, by scanning. One firm which supplies a range of digital answers is business. business has been voted the #1 Internet solutions firm for 6 following years. By wedding prospering franchisees with booming customers, business, has made an unbeaten permission chance for trade people worldwide, doesn’t count what their grade of trade skill.

The company is 1)sending the ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS got, and 2) adjusting the following: Statement of Work, Section B. Description of Servies; 1. Contractor Responsibilites; paragraph d) is overviewed to insert the following:

“If a COTS answer is planned that is completely signed by the outworker, the outworker will be prohibited from reward of the accomplishment agreement”.


RFQ Questions: Solicitation HQMBR0601

1. Is there a present a devoted business opportunity document Records Manager and/or Records Management Office at CNS?

Yes. Hints of member are Denise Moss at 202-606-6752 or Victoria Emerson at 202-606-6668.

2. Will CNS be picking and choosing the recruits to be interviewed? Yes, but the Corporation will believe suggestion from the outworker for supplementary interviews. approximately how many interviews should we await carrying out? 15 to 30.

3. Will the Corporation State Offices, Service Centers and inhabited university grounds be listed in the interviews? Yes, but there are spokesperson positions in Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

4. Will network admission be supplied for employees to check on hand databases and courses? Yes, but non-revelation deals must be accomplished to stop unofficial employ of the business opportunity document information.

5. Will there be a way ahead of the workplace for probable bidders? No.

6. How recent are the Corporation’s sketch strategies and steps on business opportunity document records and files managing? Would it be akin to free a copy to bidders for assessment? 2 March 2005. These strategies and steps will be completed accessible to bidders. POC is Denise Moss at 202-606-6752.

7. Does CNS deal a shared network drive? Yes.

8. Does CNS foresee this procurement to be Time and Materials or Fixed Price?

CNS hopes for a Time and Materials valued gift.

9. Can you give pleasure to make clear what factories you are looking forward to see in the “one page financial plan summing up of projected prices”? outline of all predictable prices by grouping.

10. Does the company have any ongoing proposals for Electronic Records Management (ERM) – such as courses arranged for little units of the project, courses under assessment, or opening study being acted out by OIT or exterior advisers? None that we scheme to construct upon.

11. Has the system managed digitizing accessible paper satisfied to set it into a business opportunity document or RM System? If so, are any checking courses or outcomes previously arranged and in use? Yes. One work place presently has one in continuation.

12. Is there a selected Records Officer or other person accountable for the Corporation’s RM system? What personnel are devoted, full- or part-time, to the RM course across the endeavor? See question #1 business opportunity document.

13. Does the company have a NARA-agreed upon proceedings preservation timetable? Yes.

14. kindly portray the company aside strategies and steps on proof/file administration. Is there a strategy blue-collar, and if so, how numerous steps does the handbook list? What is the description date of the ongoing physical? Go through question #6 business opportunity document.

15. Has backing for this development been agreed upon? Yes.

16. How several segments will have to be interviewed? See question #2 business opportunity document.

17. concerning each sector, how numerous employees interviews will require to be carried out? See question #2 business opportunity document.