business opportunity in Nigeria

business opportunity in Nigeria

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loads of people browsing online for about a trade chance for sale in Nigeria, or actually anywhere internationally, were previously receptive to Internet Consultancy firm business’s great standing and were seriously seeking for information concerning accessibility of franchises with this award-winning corporation. business consultants who based business opportunity in Nigeria truly appreciate the confidence afforded them from being their own manager, the economical security that strikes from dealing within a previously grounded firm and suppleness in their jobs as dealers. business will give off data concerning their franchise chances upon demand from their website company.
Service & business opportunity Providers (Nigerian & International)
In today’s data age, business opportunity is facilitated through efficient and effective use of information. Just as the information age creates a wide net of chances, it is not devoid of its challenges. With the accurate contacts and approaching, trade deals can be even, gainful with direct and continuing profits. The entrance to it all is locating the accurate data bases competently and before the rivalry.
Jidaw website has compiled the subsequent directories of Service and business opportunity suppliers to pass you and your organization a bloodthirsty merit in paying the massive trade chances that survive in Nigeria and Internationally. People and organizations from around the world use Jidaw business opportunity website to make out and investigate trade chances on a daily basis.
The Staff and Management of Jidaw Systems Limited (Jidaw) welcome YOU to Jidaw site, the online web initiative. Jidaw has been aiding people and organizations involved in expansion and empowerment with Information and Communications Technology.

Jidaw….More Knowledge! More Power!

JIDAW Systems Ltd. is a Corporate Member of the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS), that has shared appreciably to the enlargement and expansion of Computer Technology business opportunity in Nigeria. Jidaw Systems is furthermore an active member of the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), the foremost worldwide connection that employs to build up vendor-neutral norms in e-commerce, customer service, work might expansion and training documentation. It is noticed in industry that Jidaw popularized CompTIA A+ certification in Nigeria.

Jidaw is one of the foremost Human resource, and ICT teaching companies in Africa. familiar for the specialized services supplied, candidates skilled by Jidaw have posted solid outcomes in international documentation exams such as Cisco, CompTIA, Linux, A+ and MCSE.
a number of Jidaw students have scored 1,000 in Cisco CCNA – the greatest score for this elevated worth and internationally documented documentation.

Jidaw is the important content supplier of ICT news, jobs, occupation data and tactical insights in ICT in Nigeria.
Our Mission
Jidaw is clear of Education in technology and the stipulation of ICT content.

“Jidaw leads in the encouragement of knowledge enlargement and professionalism in information knowledge for empowerment and better and sustainable income chances. Jidaw rejects the console of position quo by employing knowledge, the facts, imaginative thinking and labors of its people to viaduct community and international divides.”.

Making a dissimilarity …>> Our focus here at Jidaw is to make certain that data and socities Technologies are used not just as tools but as a raised area for expansion.
Our apparition
Our apparition is about where Jidaw is going.
“Jidaw will be the key supply and foremost transform agent facilitating job execution, better lives, sustainable enlargement and professionalism in digital technologies through its notions, contented, information as well as the originality and labors of Jidaw’s people.”
assignment declaration
“More Power, Better Lives and Sustainable Growth through Knowledge, Technology and quality Values”
hit to information, not just information is authority. And what you accomplish with information is the precedence not just admission. With the true philosophy and insights we can all create improved selections in social, learning, business and health matters. building a dissimilarity means having this authority. Digital literacy, as well as admission to information, in sequence and transportation should be for all.

Jidaw’s company jingle “More Knowledge! More Power!” captures main business opportunity feature of the Organization’s aims and plans. Moreover a Jidaw notion in superiority principles and sustainable enlargement that seta people and better lives first.

Our objectives are :
* To supply methods for IT professionals to expand their jobs more advantageously
* To supply chances for us all to obtain actual profit from Information Technology.

* To give confidence empowerment (specially of the Youth and Women) through ICT and linking of the digital divide. If we all do our tad we can link the divide. Enough of being a “paper tiger” – Information Technology must start giving on its undertake.

Jidaw Systems was accomplished a diploma of Excellence at the ICT Achievers Award 2005 in the Category “Top ICT SMME in Africa”. ForgeAhead organizes the Award in company with the Department of Communications, Republic of South Africa. Jidaw thanks the planners and contributors for this huge admiration. THANK YOU for your hold up and support. Learn about the credential of Excellence Award here.
The Information Technology (IT) and the Communications age have got with it novel methods of performing trade – the Information Society – the information financial organization.
For effectual and proficient association of information, being and material grounds, organizations (large or minute) have to put in in Information and Communications Technologies.
consequently, the computer has become a method for the understanding of business opportunity and planned aims in places of manpower expansion, creation/service liberation and after sales hold services. IT and Telecom are vital for ornamental commerce cost.
It has also become a method for business opportunity in Nigeria empowerment. It today’s world IT knowledge and experience make the dissimilarity. IT literacy is a requirement and the command for well-informed IT experts is elevated and mounting everyday. In the ICT industry numerous need to know what and how to obtain skills that will augment their charge and give them gung ho benefit. knowledge is enduring.
To completely make best use of the exercise of the computers, to obtain proficiency that makes the dissimilarity, individuals and result-oriented organizations must work hand-in-hand with companies that not only have the necessary proficiency and knowledge, but also have a client-oriented focal point.
Jidaw Systems incomplete was included by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Nigeria on the 14th day of March, 1989 as an Information Technology Solution solid to achieve Computer Consultancy and Training Services.