Business sales tax nj

Business sales tax nj

Located in the centre of Bergen County, New Jersey at the crossroads of state highways 4 and 17 is the town of Paramus, home to some 30,000 occupants, but likewise base to one of the biggest retail meccas in the world. Let’s have a look at business Paramus and what has made this town such a famous spot for shopping fans.

Convenience – about one million people reside in Bergen County, but draw a 75 mile radius with Paramus at the center of it and the figure mushrooms to over 20 million people! Indeed, all of Business sales tax nj northern and central New Jersey, New York City, southern New York State and parts of Long Island and Connecticut fall within this circle. That makes for many sales tax prospective shoppers in such a compact area.

Malls – Four big malls in addition to various detached retail constitutions are situated within the town. The biggest is the Garden State Plaza, an attractively enclosed mall with more than two million square feet of retail Business sales tax nj space. The Garden State Plaza features 280 constitutions comprising Nordstrom, JC Penney, Lord and Taylor, Macy’s, and Nieman Marcus. Other nearby nj malls comprise the Bergen Mall,, Paramus Park, and the Fashion Center. Smaller malls comprise The Mall at IV and Thirty Five Plaza plus separate retail constitutions like home furnishing giant, IKEA.

Tax Free – In New Jersey, there is no tax appraised on clothing Business sales tax nj purchases. For nearby New Yorkers, this is an effective cause why a visit to one of Paramus’ several retail spots is so in demand. New Yorkers pay 8.25% tax on clothing, so the economies can be considerable particularly if buying back to school clothing, a uniform, a fur coat, etc. New Jersey’s sales tax rate is 6% for most other stuff.

Closed on Sundays – could be the most considerable cause why Paramus is such prosperous is that most retail constitutions must stay closed on Sundays. Blue laws are still imposed and the trade off that occupants have established throughout the years was to permit all the Business sales tax nj stores in, but with one caution: your business must be carried in six days.

Paramus isn’t for everyone, in fact Saturday traffic can be irritating and the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas can contribute frequent and perpetual traffic jams. Still, zip code 07652 – Paramus, New Jersey – is the second highest performing retail district in the Business sales tax nj country, stuck between two famous New York City zips: 10022 and 10001. Browse the U.S. Census Bureau’s .