Circuit city going out of business sale deals

Circuit city going out of business sale deals

We have all come across the news: The bad economic conditions are taking its toll, and no one is unaffected from its outcomes… not even Big Electronics. As of January 17, Circuit City is liquidating its assets and shutting its doors forever. And “Out-of-Business” generally implies great offers for the clients. But late articles in PC World, MSNBC and others spotlight the fact that there are no offers at Circuit City.

Despite the fact Circuit City has advertised that it is bringing down costs on all products by 10%, this cost markdown is taken off of the MSRP. This is a marketing formula that most often leads to higher costs for items than before the liquidation commenced.

A comparison between everyday pricing on eBay with the liquidation at Circuit City shows that the eBay costs are 34% lower than the presently cut-rated Circuit City liquidation costs. The comparison was carried through walking into a Circuit City, writing down model numbers and costs, and then applying a research appliance to compare costs between eBay and Circuit City.


As of January 2009, the Average Sales Price (ASP) of 63 extraordinary Circuit city going out of business sale deals products was settled through checking up on over 2,500 eBay deals. These products were costed from $25 to $3,500 (MSRP) and arrayed variously from TVs to camcorders to printers. The ASPs of the products were then applied to appraise cost difference per class and as a whole.


The biggest variances emerged in classes associated with Circuit city going out of business sale deals computers and networking. Wireless routers, printers, and mice were 37%, 50%, and 53% sale cheaper on eBay than at Circuit City. Home theater receivers and digital cameras expressed the smallest differences, 22% and 13% cheaper, respectively. Camcorders and TVs fetched up in the middle of the pack at 33% and 28%. There did not appear to be any trends settled on high vs. low ticket items or brand.

While these numbers are powerful, they don’t tell the whole story. The data from eBay doesn’t needfully comprise transporting bungs as separate line item. When purchasing online, transporting disbursements oftentimes can be a deals hindrance to buy and likewise would specify the Circuit city going out of business sale deals margin between the total costs of a deal on eBay vs. that of Circuit City. In this instance, some could claim that sales tax in an afforded state might call off transporting bungs, so why not go purchase the item in store?

In the late months, eBay has Circuit city going out of business sale deals supported users to list items with free transporting and at stable costs. This system has an inclination to increase the final cost, with vendors recompensing for “free” transporting with a higher “Buy It Now” cost. Afforded that a consumer’s local sales tax was not factored into the Circuit City costs, the difference in total cost of purchase is really larger than the research indicates, and there isn’t the trouble of holding back for an auction to be settled.


Don’t trust the propaganda related to the Circuit City liquidation quite yet. Shopping on eBay or other online marketplaces today is your most estimable business choice. Yet, this will not all of the time be the instance. Bigger Circuit city cost reductions will have to be created to keep on clearing inventory. As this takes place, the difference between liquidation pricing and online Circuit city pricing will continue to narrow, eventually leading to really effective Circuit city going out of business sale deals pricing. So maintain yourself watchful, and you might just get hold that significant offer at the Circuit City liquidation.