Coffee heaven franchise

Coffee heaven franchise

coffeeheaven international plc. (‘coffeeheaven’) functions speciality branded coffee/sandwich bars in Central Europe under the coffeeheaven(R) brand name. coffeeheaven is predictable as the principal coffee bar brand in central and Eastern Europe – Allegra* themes European Coffee Shop Market October 2007 and again in 2008.

*Note: Allegra is one of the UK’s leading explore companies in the coffee bar subdivision coffeeheaven is a up to date, lifestyle café notion, which is both novel and novel in Central Europe.

coffeeheaven is redefining the Central European forte coffee/sandwich bar Coffee heaven franchise market with a point of eminence in creation and service akin to comparable notions anywhere in the world. coffeeheaven group stores can now be set up in Poland (where coffeeheaven is market leader), Czech Republic, Latvia, Bulgaria and Slovakia.

As expansion continues in these markets it is probable that coffee heaven stores will open in other countries of Central Europe in the near future.

In November 2001 coffeeheaven was ‘listed’ on the Alternative Investment Coffee heaven franchise Market of the London Stock Exchange – the first buff based established trades to be on this Exchange.

The communal listing of its shares supplies coffee heaven franchise with unswerving admittance to London’s mammoth capital markets and gives the Company the reliability and self-determination to swiftly crush innovative stores crosswise Central Europe.

prominently it also permits our clients, staff and members of the universal public to chip in coffeeheaven’s franchise accomplishment through contribute to ownership.

More than 50% of the Group’s total employee’s are shareholders in the company. Markets & Objectives coffeeheaven’s intention markets make bigger north /south across Central Europe from the Baltic States to Bulgaria; a whole populace of some 100M.

coffeeheaven seeks to distribute ‘a one world coffeeheaven franchise experience’ wherever our clients may be travelling in Central Europe. coffeeheaven is previously market manager in the branded coffee/sandwich bar segment in Central Europe.

coffeeheaven aims at making the first or second location in the acknowledged coffee/sandwich bar merchant division in each Central European market it goes through.

To hang on to brand name truthfulness and preserve our high standards in invention and service coffeeheaven seems to hold on to through administration of all its stores and does not license.

Current Markets Aiming at the major Coffee heaven franchise customer market in Central Europe first (inhabitants 39M), coffeeheaven opened its first store in Poland in August 2000 and is now grounded as market leader with stores situated at Poland. As at Feb 2009 the coffeeheaven group has 89 trading franchise sites –
Poland 56 : Czech Republic 17 : Latvia 7 : Bulgaria 4 : Slovakia 2 : Hungary 3.

countless more sites are under indenture or cause to undergo indenture in all six countries. The stores in Latvia presently trade under the trade name Coffee Nation. additionally coffeeheaven’s access into a number of other markets in Central European is under compromise. running The administration lineup at coffee heaven is one of the most practiced in the industry.

From food vending, blazing and construction, to buyer Coffee heaven franchise marketing and sales the coffeeheaven band merges the hallucination to innovate with the saleable impending and history to thrive.