communication businesses for sale

communication businesses for sale

What is the best place to find information on communication businesses
for sale, the library or the internet?

Both the library and the internet are great places to find information
on communication businesses for sale. The library is a tried and true
resource for research of all kinds. Many books and periodicals can be
found by searching their computer databases and card catalogs for
books and periodicals on communication businesses for sale. The
internet is also a valuable tool. By visiting your favorite search
engine and searching for communication businesses for sale, you can
find hundreds of websites that are relevant. Just be careful, not all
websites contain trustworthy information. Many people interested in
franchising choose to enter into business with business in order to be
their own boss, enjoy a flexible schedule and own their own ‘white
collar communication sale franchise.

If the time has come for some independence, if you need some freedom
and you have been considering starting your own business, business might
have the right solution for you. With more than 1500 franchisees in
87 countries around the world, this 12-year-old company has just what
you need to make the change from being employed to being the boss.
Life is too short, start to make your dreams come true now. business communication businesses sale is
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Time To Establish Yourself As A communication Entrepreneur
You don’t have to be technically minded; in fact, you don’t need any
technical experience at all. business will completely train you and then
when you’re ready to go out on your own they’ll provide you with on
going support for those just in case moments when you might need an
answer to a question.

Your Goal As A Franchisee
As a business franchisee, your goal is simple! business has a proven track
record with its patent pending Business Systems. What you are going
to do is consult and analyze the needs of businesses in your area by
providing them with internet solutions that have been successfully
utilized in the SME market for the past 12 years. This will reduce
the businesses operating costs and profitability because you will be
providing your clients with innovative technology that’s cutting-edge,
at prices they can afford. You’ll also be creating an ongoing stream
of revenue for yourself and your family while increasing
profitability into local businesses.

Asking price:$18,297,000 (Furniture / Fixtures included sale )
Sales revenue:$11,000,000
Net profit:$2,937,000
Years established:15
Relocatable:This businesses can be relocated.

Business description
This is an 18 year old Technical Services Company that has grounded
market niches in Broadband, Wireless, Satellite & Radar. They are in
addition in Government markets and just conventional a $3 million
dollar multi-year order. long-standing customers enlist Fortune 100 co
operations. This company installs, tests, repairs & trains – also has
a NOC Center. 2008 sales $11 million dollars, 2007 EBITDA $2,937,000.
2008 EBITDA currently being premeditated. 2009 revenues being
unadventurously forecasted at $12 million dollars. A basic customer
just made a modification for $5 million dollars. Company is currently
command on a $50 million dollar multi-year convention. Company employs
project achievement way of bookkeeping and for 2007 purchased just
over $7,000.00 in federal tolls. President will stay on. You should be
a Cash Buyer with resources.n

Property information
Real Estate:Real Property enlisted
Other information
Competition / Market:There is no familiar unswerving opponent in
United States that lurks the 4 areas.
Reasons for vending: Stockholders want to cash out.
Furniture / Fixtures value:$750,000 (included in the asking price)