computer medic franchise

computer medic franchise

Welcome to Computer Medics of Northwest Iowa

If We Can’t Fix It, The House Call is Free!

Computer Medic of Northwest Iowa is a Team of self-employed Computer Repair Technicians bringing the finest Mobile computer medic franchise Service to the homes and businesses of their local communities.

We repair PC’s, Laptops, Networks and everything in between.
No job is too small

Computer Medics is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to provide you timely service.

Veteran computer medic franchise Owned & Operated

Computer Medics offers a range of services counting on your requirements. Whether it be fixing your home computer to tackling your trade network we have the that can do it for you.

* Help for your computer breakdowns. Virus/Spyware/Trojan Horse Removal
* Data Recovery/Backup Solutions
* Web Hosting & Design Services
* Network Design medic & Troubleshooting
* PC Hardware & Software
* Troubleshooting/Repair
* Custom Built PC’s to fit your needs
* Laptop Repair
* Theft Prevention Software & Monitoring
* Remote Administration & Troubleshooting
* Document Digitizing
* & More

Computer medic franchise systems have become more complicated over the years. We crafted this service to match with the needs of home users, home-established trades and commercial trades that like better not to disconnect and draw their computers into a local shop for service only to be in the waiting for weeks for it to be given back.

My obligation is to do more than basically service your computer – I want to be accurate and sure that you are totally fulfilled and cosy with your computer service experience. I do this by visiting you or medic franchise trade and repairing your PC or Network for you! After supplying an early judgment and approximation, I can absolute most required upgrades or repairs on-site, confirming that your computer system’s work well before I leave. In almost all situations, all work can be accomplished in a one visit. All of this for a cost that is ready for action with what loads of shops toll for carry-in service. I do not toll for travel to and from your home or office.

I focus on my efforts only on home and small office computer users such as yourself that need superior concentration to element and adapted service. I do not keep up any computer medic franchise trade stores, which permits me to hold back prices low in order to supply you with bloodthirsty charges.

I will perform everything in my influence to make having your computer or network service an encouraging skill. This indicates speaking in non-technical, simple-to-comprehend terms and clearing up to you accurately what’s erroneous and what your choices and rough and ready prices are. It also means taking whatever supplementary procedures are vital to be certain you are utterly fulfilled with our medic service franchise .