Family business for sale

Family business for sale

In the Family business is frequently the great trade with the great civilization. It seems all, I know what “the family” wants for the trade, and which this indicates for the corporation.

Some examples from the Family business for sale throughout the world:
– BMW by the German producer of the automobiles
– Sol-melia in the network of hotels
– Grifols-pharmaceutical
– Osborne- brandy in Spain, it is based to the British citizenship
– Water ford Wedge wood, cut glass of producer, Dublin, Ireland
– Codorniu- kava, Catalonia
– “Sumitomo”, Conglomerate
– Van-Eeghen group, food trade I into the Holland
– Villeroy-botch, house

The enumeration given above attests to the fact that the Family business for sale can be almost anything, Small grocery store in (Japanese) the conglomerate.

But now a question, what precisely such of special in these companies? This is not trade, as we see of the list above. Trade can be anything. Therefore it must be corporation.
Any Family business for sale and there are no organized or, is built on with the same resources of Human resources, capital, building. Thus, basic difference – among these two, they must be located in how it is organized, in corporation al civilization.

It can be, you remember, one of your own examples of Family business for sale . Father explained, as important it was to be friendly and they were polite with the clients, In order to show respect. And it demonstrated this, showing that will occur “to the trade”, if you did not make this thus. Clients will leave the country and never will it return.

For the small trade as into the store, it would be logical, as the connection among your relation and trade was obvious. In such small medium the relationship among two is obvious.

What also stroke I became the general feeling of the owner of trade and his human resources, habits. Despite the fact that the owner of store or another trade, who knew people. He not to hire to it or by it will know, “he or she doesn’t fit here”. Man is not trained to this. This it was purely experience, being located nearer to the trade, Familiar from (family) trade.

What happens more and greater it seems that corporation, for achieving of the goals, about itself. In connection with trade- seen it is lost. But then it is simple to “forget” on the connection among the trade and the corporation. And this will be heavily to the general civilization of society. Corporation al civilization serves purpose.

Those, who work or Family business for sale you know, the close coupling among the trade and the civilization. Of companies cultural problem – in the search for reliable the collection of corporate values – must colleagues and control it is sufficiently familiar with the trade. Answer to this question, probably: No
In order to solve, that for constructing of great civilization, trade it is concentrated in the first place. Everything begins from understanding of trade.

It is possible to make what in order to families to improve its chances of continuation as Family business for sale during many generations?

Why we do place this question on the Family business for sale ?

In the text, which follows, we will see that this is very most important question.

First, real-state of affairs consists in the fact that there are at present many members of family into the trade, in which in the past, there is only mom and dad. This includes many personalities, increasingly to their individual needs, to persuasions, management and uneasiness.

Furthermore, today we see many family enterprises in combination with single workers.

It is very difficult to take for the memory about the procedures and the mechanisms, necessary for the effective functioning. In actuality, the creation of such formalities provides the administrative solutions on the basis of that of well thought out substantiation, but not on the emotion, the whim or by anger. With this thought-out control of process, in the Family business for sale prevents such results as inevitable dissatisfaction, apropos responsibility, the development of the poor of relation and dissatisfaction because of the absence of vision and purposes.

As we see successful Family business for sale, we see a whole series of overall phenomena.

These families have general values, civilization, history and business purposes. They not only divide these, but to be joined to them with the passion.