Federal business code lookup

Federal business code lookup

Getting enrolled in the CCR allows the U.S. Federal Government to key out your establishment or business as a potential seller or supplier of products or services. Then, your business can be afforded concern for assignments and arrangements.

Below are the treads required for an American business to apply in the Central Contractors Registration (CCR) formula. The online request must be completed by a company officer or an approved agent such as your grant writer.

1. Have your Duns number Federal business code lookup available to type in the system. In case you don’t have a Duns number call: 1-866-705-5711.

2. Then, go to the Central Contractors Registration’s website and begin enrolling your business into the CCR formula. (See link below.)

3. Look into the list on the right of the online application entitled the Navigation Menu.

4. Go to General Information. Enter your lawful business name. That is your business name as known with the IRS.

5. Go to Corporate Information. Enter your business’s yearly revenue. This can be determined in the company financial data or on the business tax returns.

5a. Enter the kind of business you run. This is the lawful entity in which your company works. It can be an unshared proprietary, partnership, corporation for-lucre, or non-profit establishment. If your establishment has a non-profit form, enter Federal business code lookup “tax exempt” here. If your establishment doesn’t belong to any of these classes, enter “other”.

5b. Party Performing Certification, is only for Federal business code lookup companies approved from the SBA. Most companies applying and getting grants will not fill out this class. Just enter N/A here if your business is not SBA approved.

6. Click the Goods and Services part on the Navigation Menu. Enter the NAICS Code. The NAICS Code is the North American Industry Classification System. It keys out your business activities and the kind of services and products your business delivers. Federal government agencies look for Federal companies by this number to find out if a business fulfils their grant or arrangement offering Federal business code lookup demands. Go to (See link below.) to determine your business’s NAICS Code. Enter as many codes as you can that associate with your business, your products and services. Select as many as suitable to meliorate your probabilities for qualification, and deals to get grants and arrangements.

6a. Opt for your Product Service Codes (PSC). PSC’s are applied to key out the services your company provisions to the government and are standardized as old Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes. For the PSC Wizard, go to the Federal business code lookup PSC Wizard. You can choose up to ten.