Franchise 100

Franchise 100

Window cleaning is plausibly among the most facile lines of work to lead off. All one demands to get moving is to get some window cleaning gear and a van or truck to hold the gear around and service your clients.

Legislation in the UK is slowly impelling window cleaners to stop applying ladders under their ladders free initiative. This makes the common freelance cleaners quite pressed as they generally only service around their local neighbourhoods with nothing but a ladder and a Franchise 100 bucket with a squeegee.

So what’s one to do about this?
They can either;

1- Expend or invest more than £10,000 on new state of the art gear which comprises hot water-fed poles that allow a window cleaner to clean up to 60 feet from the ground. They get more effective and more affordable Franchise 100 coverage from insurers, follow local laws and usually work in a secure and non-intrusive fashion. But, what if you do not have the 10 – 15 grand for this?
2- You could attempt to be part of a franchise and make use of the common advantages such as a famous brand, reliable and verified business pattern and likewise superior gear and install. But wait that kind of ties you down to specific areas or postcodes and zip codes. You are not too free to trade around your usual neighbourhoods but are stuck in the cartel-like distribution of work. This is not even comprising the monthly royalty bungs and other bungs that seem to all of the time spring out of the wood Franchise work when you least anticipate it!
So, what’s one to do then. I recommend managing it on your own. Here’s the Franchise 100 method;

If the 10 – 15 grand cash referred to above is not accessible for gear you can attempt to get a loan or some kind of financial lease on the gear and make certain the arrangement is manageable for your business size. If credit is difficult to get you can all of the time begin through purchasing the minimums which can be a trolley with a water tank and pressure pump and water fed pole. This could be below £500.

As for a van, if you get the Franchise 100 credit above then it’s facile to manage but if not then you can begin with the small gear referred to above and move it around the neighbourhood to your job sites or apply the estimable old family car.

The above gets you moving and permits you to develop as many arrangements as possible while maintaining all your lucre and servicing your clients without the complications and generally heavy Franchise 100 corporate fees from your franchisor.