franchise one price cleaners

franchise one price cleaners

What are license one price cleaners ” franchise one price cleaners “?

license one price cleaners are very trendy since they will clean nearly any article of clothing for a position price. has employed with the license on its promotion campaign in order to popularize the trade and bring more hub on the services it offers.

CD One Price Cleaners, the leading laundry and dry cleaning professional in the Chicago area, is proffering competent predictions with an unkind perimeter chance to own their own high volume dry cleaning “superstore” We have opened 30 stores since our first store lunched in the Chicago suburb of Lincolnwood in 2001.

The Industry:

The dry cleaning and laundry services industry ” franchise one price cleaners ” is an enormous $9 billion marketplace that has confirmed a moderately unwavering, slow development example over several years. The service we supply is not a trend that’s hot today and gone tomorrow. Our services are employed at one time or an additional by a demographically broad cross segment of clients on a weekly basis, formulating an unswerving command with only unassuming monthly vacillation throughout the year. This industry is exceedingly disjointed, with the best part of stores owned and functioned as independent “mom and pop” results—making a huge chance for our arrangement to force the vigor of our brand consciousness and the clustered purchasing power of 30 stores for the current paying of materials and supplies.

Our aggressive prices permit us to confine market share from other competitors since at $1.19 for a laundered shirt and $2.29 for ANY single stuff of dry cleaning, our low charges proffer a significant savings for our clients—just like other “category killer” firms that have captured significant market share in the office products, hardware and video rental industries. In these challenging financial times, clients are usually concerned in banking currency without sacrificing superiority.

By mixing one-price dry cleaning and same-day service, with state of the art tools in a well-engineered plant, the pioneering CD One Price Cleaners notion proffers clients the service, superiority, and cost they ask for. Our trade model and field hold up team also supply owners with the equipments they need to manage a competent, volume driven procedure.

At CD One Price Cleaners We:

* now activate over 30 “superstore” dry cleaning and laundry places.
* Are the overriding service supplier in the Chicago location with three times the number of stores as our contiguous opponent in the Chicago market.
* Have uncompromisingly allowed our franchise one price cleaners stores to probable clients through radio, television, mobile billboards and direct mail—publicity cars not characteristically within the promotional financial plans of our less important competitors.
* Build state-of-the-art, 3000 square foot stores that are open, clean and staffed by exceedingly practiced and uniformed employees. We expand our charge scheme by serving our clients a free of charge cup of gastronome coffee to make their skill more pleasant.
* pull towards you clients with our “no surprises” one-price model where the client knows unerringly what they will be taxed—no supplementary fees for same day service.

What are the original aspects of the Traditional Franchise course?

* The Initial Franchise Fee is $20,000
* The current royalty is a net 5.5% of the Gross Revenue
* There is a current marketing fee of 3% of the Gross Revenue (with the same donations from all license and company owned stores.)
* We offer an extensive, initial training program that is 5 weeks in duration and covers every facet of the business from customer service, to the proprietary POS system, to cleaning and pressing production in the back. We teach you everything you need to know to be prepared to manage your own store.
* The total initial investment for a new CD One Price Cleaners store is estimated to be between $615,000 and $830,000 including working capital. In most cases, we think that the price to open a stock up will normally differ from $650,000 to $700,000 range. Item 7 of our Franchise Disclosure Document supplies more information about these prices. normally, lenders need about 20%, or approximately $160,000-$200,000 of the whole price, to be invested immediately by the Franchisee as part of the financing. We have contacts with many lenders that are familiar with the waterless cleaning industry and the CD One Price one-price model and who have invested deals for franchisees in the past. Anyway, you are free to work with any lenders you select from.
Do you have previous industry skill?

No, you don’t essentially need skill in the dry cleaning industry. We search for franchisees that have super people skills and preferably, preceding tackling or selling ownership understanding with a strong obligation to client service. We are searching for owner- operatives. We are conceited of the fact that a number of our franchisees have on going or previous license ownership skill with other license systems. It is rewarding to understand that they charge the teaching and current hold up of the CD One Price Cleaners license course.

Where is CD One Price Cleaners searching to append novel license stores?
So for us to supply exceptional hold up services and for our franchisees to force our brand and purchasing power with sellers, we are presently in search of novel license candidates only in the greater Chicago area. We have novel and existing store chances accessible.

To find supplementary complete data about a CD One Price Cleaners authorize and to learn about number present a Franchise Discovery Night in Chicago, please apply for data below. Appreciation for your contemplation.