Hotel near Moscow airport

Hotel near Moscow airport
Moscow is regarded as among the most costly cities all over the world. Is it actually really costly to go to Moscow? Do you have to be a multimillionaire in order to afford living here? This article assists a hotel budget traveler to discover the capital of Russia.

Moving around Moscow

The most affordable and rapidest transport in Moscow is the metro. One ride takes around 80 cents. If you stay in Moscow several days you can acquire a card for 10, 20 or 60 trips: each ride will be more affordable the more trips you acquire on the Hotel near Moscow airport card. Moscow metro has no zones so you pay the same cost disregarding about where you go. The airports are affiliated to the city by railroad. The air express train takes around 5-10 USD counting on the airport. (This is actually more affordable than a taxi which will be 70-100 USD).
If you want a taxi it’s most effective to set it up beforehand (through your hotel or a restaurant). You should all of the time bargain the cost before you get in (even if a taxi has a meter – it might be a scam). Locals oftentimes apply ‘unofficial Moscow airport taxis” – it can practically be any private car. All your Hotel near Moscow airport are demanded to do is to stand on the street and stick your arm out. Generally there’s nothing harmful about it as people with cars do it to gain some additional money. A crucial formula is not to enter a car that already has a client.
Getting outside of Moscow

There’re a Hotel near Moscow airport number of beautiful old towns around Moscow. Sergiev Posad, Vladimir, Suzdal are among the most famous places. You can get their not just by car but likewise by local trains and buses. Sometimes a local train can be even rapider than a car. A suburban train is known as “electrichka” in Russian. 1 trip takes 1-4 USD and you don’t have to book tickets beforehand. There is a good Hotel near Moscow airport deal of local trains going outside of Moscow and it’s more effective to know the timetable beforehand.

A rapider choice is an express train. It moves without stops or does just 1-2 stops on the way. This is an effective choice for cities like Vladimir, Kaluga, Tula, Sergiev Posad, Yaroslavl (around 100-200 km outside of Moscow). There’re not several express trains during the day and it’s more secure to acquire a ticket beforehand. An affordable method to get to St. Petersburg is by train. Overnight sleeper train is the most effective choice for Hotel near Moscow airport budget travelers (you don’t handle hotel expenses and you sleep on the way).