How to buy business

How to buy business

How could you buy small business accounting or management accounts software? There are a lot of small business accounts available in the market. If you are a small business owner, who searches for good software, then you have to comprise the interminable programs list as soon as possible. Which one would you choose to buy? What are the proper requirements for it? Should you find one with all the requirements or you just pick the one you feel it suits you? Many questions go in your mind, but you don’t have to panic. This article will give you some instructions to guide you, while buying that you’ll feel you have taken the right decision.

First you have to determine your situation

How big is your business
Small business is known by business management to be any business that individuals own and should have less than 100 employees. Although, we might think that 100 employees is a big number. Suppose that you are paying $3000/month for each employee, and then the total sum will be $ 300,000 as salary. If you own a business, then you don’t have to search for management accounts software online, because you’ll find sales agents from software companies standing on your door trying to convince you of buying their software. On the other hand, you may search online for business software if you are running a small business. If you wonder how small could it be? It shall have less than 5 employees or even containing one employee, that would probably be you.

2. Are you selling commodities, or offering services. Do you manufacture the product, or you buy it ready-made. Do you own a store or do you sell your products online. How do you get clients for your products?

3.To how much extent is your data big?

If you run a prosperous business, then you should be having a big data. How big is it? How many demands per month? How many new clients per month? How should you store the data? How much do you expect the data to grow?

4. Do you have a website? Almost all business owners do have websites nowadays. If you don’t have one, then you should start building your own site now. Would you like to combine your software with your website smoothly? Would you like to manage your small business accounting through the internet?

The answer for How to all the above questions depend on what are you going to choose as your small business accounting software. Suppose that there is a company that is far away from you, but you can work with that company. There is something that we haven’t mentioned it in the text yet, which is implied technology. Even though this technology might be invisible, you have to know what kind of technology your small business accounting will be using. It is supposed for the software to be built on solid land. If the image is getting gloomy, I’ll make more clearly. Every small business accounting software only does one main thing, which is storing data. The data contains details about the clients, their names, addresses, phone numbers, their demands, bills …etc. storing data carefully, will help your small business work well. You also have to know how to modify your data whenever you want to without affecting the whole program.

There are two ways for storing data:

flat file
The first method is named flat file because it uses flat text files in storing data, which look like notepad files. It’s an old and not commonly used method, because you can’t build relations between different data entries. For example if a customer has more than an address or phone number, then you have to repeat his name at every time. It would be like following:

Customer 1 ——– bill 1

Customer 1 ——– bill 2

So you have to repeat the customer’s name at each time, if he has more than one detail. It is not a pragmatic method.

On the other hand, you can make relations in storing data. In the following example shows how can you use relational method. So as to say, that you may enter the customer’s name only once and various details.

Customer 1

Bill 1

Bill 2

It’s much smarter and more disciplined than the previous method. As we are nearing completion, we only wanted to show that how storing data can be useful, and that relational method is easier to use than the flat file. You should deal carefully when buying your small business software. There are five major buy small business accounting software. QuickBooks from intuit, simply accounting, Peachtree (also from intuit), Sage and Microsoft Small Business Accounting Software, and the bombshell. In fact none of theses small business uses relational method. They are traditional software of big companies that use large scale ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), software that only works on Unix (not windows or Mac), and uses relational method for running their business. If you didn’t understand what I had said, I’ll say it in another way. All these small business companies don’t use their own software. They use relational software method, but they sell you non relational storage software known as small business software. If you are asking why that? That’s because relation storage method costs a lot. But this is different now, as there is much small business software currently that uses relational method. These depend on exposed relational databases that can be available on the internet. More over they use GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), these new generation of software are called small business ERP software; they smashed the old small business software. Now surely, you want to know a name, so there is Too LERP for beginners, it is smartly written using mysql relational database and apache web server. that’s How to buy business