Laser franchise

Laser franchise

Ahead of time in 2002 I was reading about Einstein’s thought experiment where he regarded the probability of traveling the speed of light on a light beam, this is a thought experiment he set more than 70 years ago.

Then I think I’d read a book by Isaac Asimov the well-known Sci Fi originator of how humans were created from a sophisticated alien race travel past our solar system; obviously they dismayed their Laser franchise waste, and it landed on earth. Think of the liquid in a port-a-pottie, and that liquid ultimately froze in space, floated around and then landed on Earth, dissolved and the RNA and DNA formulated into something, and after another billion years developed into animals, humans, fish, birds, insects, etc; implying we are all a heap of “shut up” already.

Well, I settled to set my own theory and work backwards how I could transmit the units of life, amino acids, RNA, or even DNA on a light beam, or a partical laser. Keep in mind that partical lasers have been available for quite a long time. As partical lasers are the in-thing today, it should be actually facile to transmit DNA or RNA on a partical laser beam and if it were encapsulated, it “could potentially” endure. Great, that implies you could send laser beam life, or organic Laser franchise substance to the Moon, Mars, or to terra form a distant planet, or another alien species might do that transmit something to Earth?

Implausible? No, Einstein’s thought experiment is reasonable and Isaac Asimov’s story is as reasonable as any of the modern day religions of a single being creating it all. No, I am not affording credit to religion here. What if we Laser franchise transmit RNA, DNA as a code, as rapidly as the speed of light or even rapider riding on precursorary light waves, pre-light? Certainly we could, theoretically speaking it is more than potential, open your mind, certainly it is potential – we have the technology NOW! We must be aware of that!
The applications are limitless. We could transmit the popular cold to our enemies to get them ill for 3-days precluding them from attacking us. We could transmit plants and organic substance to the ice poles on Mars, so, our food would be springing up waiting for us. As it is achievable to transmit precursory waves rapider than light, encapsulated partical packages could transmit life. Beam it where ever you needed, just similar to transmitting information on radio waves. Cease surmising, begin thinking, jump our of your indocrinated informed mind. Use your mind!

Could we transmit DNA back in time on light beams, or ahead? From our view and our time equivalent we could applying this system, it’s all proportionate. Keep in mind that. “Where do you need to head for now?” or better yet, When and Where Do You need to transmit it? We can transmit DNA, amino acids, RNA surfing (encapulized nano-scale space ships) on premonitory light waves, or on partical laser beams, the instructions for life.
Think of the health Laser franchise industry resolutions for the future or medicine?

Transmitting Information through time?

This Laser franchise allows for a whole new world if we are bold enough to look into it?