Lingerie franchise

Lingerie franchise

Elegant lingerie is the star of the show for an impressive much-loved movies and TV programmes. No matter if you’re intending to incorporate the kooky vintage charm of the showgirls in Baz Luhrman’s Moulin Rouge, copy the prim still hot beautiful determined in 60s-set Mad Men’s costume department for lead characters Peggy Olsen and Betty Draper or emulate the less-than-innocent stylings of Bettie Page in burlesque biopic The Notorious Bettie Page, there’s a new elegant lingerie look out there for you. Classic noughties show (and now movie franchises) Sex and the City is another wonderful source of elegant lingerie inspiration on the small and silver screens, demanded watching for those intending to copy Carrie Bradshaw’s bang Lingerie franchise fashionable look.

So, if you love trying out a new bedroom outfit, or just want ideas for an underwear drawer update, have a look at these best four picks for films and shows where the undergarment costume Lingerie franchise department gets top billing alongside the stars – and select the trend you’d be interested to channel…

Moulin Rouge

Corsets, all the time… Moulin Rouge is full of hot showgirl outfits all focused around the corset, jazzed up to excellence with sequins, satin, lace and feathers. Wear with French knickers, fishnets and stilettos for the complete Moulin Rouge swagger, or tone down the look with a splendidly suited simple black corset with eyelet fastenings down the front, a la Nicole Kidman’s most notable outfit in the movie.

Mad Men

The 60s-inspired Mad Men look totally concerns ultra-feminine Lingerie franchise trends: think white lace and silk slips, body-shaping basques or corsets and tan stockings. Alternately, pick up a white or black bullet bra – a bra with stiff, pointed cups – and give it a fashionable twist by wearing as outerwear under a sheer top.

Sex and the City

Sex and the City’s styling encapsulates Lingerie franchise modern-stylish, un-crabby still hot elegant lingerie. Channel Miranda, Carrie et al with demi-cup bra and briefs sets a shade brighter or in a print louder than you’d generally go – even if it’s only you that determines it, you’re warranted to feel that little bit Lingerie hotter and more confidant all over the day.

The Notorious Bettie Page

No matter if you’re a spirited Bettie Page type already, or more an angelic Lingerie Betty Sue, anyone can draw underwear inspiration from this beautiful biographical flick which Lingerie franchise showcases the styling of the best 40s pin-up star.