Mexican fast food franchise

Mexican fast food franchise

The United States fast food market has experienced a considerable step up in development within the last three years which anticipations can be maintained. The fast-food market is anticipated to preserve its ongoing development outlooks, with an expected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 2.3% for the five-year franchise period 2005-2010. This is anticipated to push the Mexican fast food franchise market to a rate of $57.6 billion by the end of 2010. Motivators of development comprise raising range of Americans in the workplace, which brings down the amount of time passed on setting up meals at home. In 2010, the United States fast-food market is anticipated to have a value of $57.6 billion, a step-up of 12.1% since 2005.

Estimated rank

In 2010, the United States Mexican fast food franchise market is anticipated to bear a rank of 37 billion dealings (Figure 1). This comprises a step-up of 5.3% since 2005. The CAGR of the market rank in the period 2005-2010 is anticipated to be 1%.
Elements for flourishing
Elements for flourishing for fast food franchisees will comprise products and commercializing aimed to healthier menu choices, brand perpetual, limited commencing disbursements, franchisee backing, and consumer convenience. Subway ® symbolizes a significant model of a fast food franchisee set up for success in the future fast food market. Their systems overstep the fast food market and implement for many other markets and products.

SWOT Analysis

Subway sandwich stores are considerably located to raise their strengths and address sound menaces, weaknesses, and opportunities. The table below presents these Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and menaces.


Size and range stores and channels

Menu presents requirement for fresh, healthy and prompt.

Utilization of unconventional channels

Getting together with the American Heart Association

International brand realization

Adjustable menu offerings

Limited franchisee commencing disbursements

Franchisee training is organized, brief and planned to ascertain fast commencement and flourishing.

Décor is old.

Some franchisees are unsatisfied.

Service delivery is variable from Mexican fast food franchise store to another.

Employee turnover is high.

No command over franchise intensity in afforded market areas.


Keep on developing international business dealings.

Update décor to encourage more dine-in business.

Meliorate client support pattern.

Keep on building up Mexican fast food franchise channel opportunities to comprise event wagons.

Meliorate franchisee relations.

Try out drive-through business.

Build up packaged dessert offerings.

Keep on adjusting and meliorating menu offerings.

Formulate more Mexican fast food franchise contacts with movie producers and toy manufacturers to advertise new movie releases through children’s fast food menu packaging and co-branding chances.