Northern Michigan Business Opportunity

Northern Michigan Business Opportunity

Northern Michigan trade chances and Northern Michigan leisure locations ” Northern Michigan Business Opportunity ” wait for you in Onaway, Michigan! Whether you are seeking to transfer, take a holiday, set off a Business Opportunity trade or discover the beauty of Northeast Michigan, we are happy to distribute the reserves of our society with you.

included on February 26, 1990 by a bunch of troubled citizens, the Onaway Area Chamber remnants an action-sloping unpaid assistant Chamber that attempts to match the alterations requirements of our trade society. We are a trade network above all is made of independent Northern Michigan Business Opportunity trades owners, public and non-income organizations, construction a firm establishments of economical and society continue. By enchanting organization accountability in building and formulating marketing plans, sorting out networking chances and serving as a connection with state and restricted governments, the Onaway Area Chamber of Commerce will resume to flourish as more Business Opportunity trades invest in the Onaway Area.

From encouraging the location and its resourceful outdoor spare time deals to supporting a diversity of community events, the Onaway Area Chamber of Commerce is an observable and speaking supporter for the economic health of its affiliates and advancing the class of life for all Onaway Area inhabitants.

Just 18 miles east of I-75 at the highways M-68 and M-33, the Onaway place is promoting trade chances in Northeast Michigan. The city of Onaway is situated in picturesque Presque Isle County in Northeastern Lower Michigan, 250 miles north of Detroit. With a high-wire passage east along M-68 to Port Calcite, and an engineering ranking highway west to I-75, a new manure system, an industrial park and rebirth zone roll free trade possessions, Onaway proffers an enormous opportunity and huge trades for both large and minute trade services. Moreover, our location has an excellence of life that is unrivaled anywhere. This will indicate more imaginative work strength for your Northern Michigan Business Opportunity.

Onaway, Michigan is situated in the center of Michigan’s famous “Up North” region. Our city is just 45 miles south of the Mackinac Bridge, 5 miles from Onaway State Park and Black Lake, minutes from the Black Mountain Recreation Area, state forest campgrounds, snowmobile trails, and a swarm of other leisure chances. Just four hours north of Detroit makes Onaway the ideal purpose for a weekend get-away in Michigan’s great “Up North”. Pay a visit and see why we are called the “Playground of the North” since our varried northern Michigan frivolous manner.

Whether you are looking for a place to begin or change place a trade in Northeast Michigan or just looking to have fun in Northern Michigan, Onaway is your place. Please come up and see why Onaway is On the Move!

Onaway, Michigan is positioned at the western edge of stunning Presque Isle County at the intersection of M-68 and M-33. Onaway offers Northern Michigan trade chances ” Northern Michigan Business Opportunity ” through toll free resurgence places, a mixture of outdoor spare time actions and is an enormous location to elevate a family.

The Onaway location was first grounded in the 1880’s by Thomas Shaw and Merritt Chandler. Chandler was the first to plat the ground, naming the town from a stanza in Longfellow’s “The Song of Hiawatha” . It is an Ojibwa Indian cry meaning ‘Alert’ or ‘Awaken’. This town expanded during the shamble era and was included as a village in 1899, and as a city in 1903. Shortly after that, Merritt constructed a courthouse on the western perimeter of town aiming to draw the county government to establish there. It never occurred. After hosting the restricted civilization culture and after years of abandon, through a society endeavor and state and central grants, the older courthouse has now been recovered to its innovative magnificence. Now the construction includes the city offices, the Chamber of Commerce and the Onaway Branch of the Presque Isle District Library. In July of 2008, the courthouse became home to the Onaway Historical Museum.

Onaway today has regained its little town atmosphere, with the limited wealth aided by many little mechanized services and sightseeing. Winter sports are accepted, as well as fishing, including Black Lake, historically known as a ground for sturgeon, now a declining species; making Onaway famed as the “Sturgeon Capital of Michigan”. Black Lake also includes populations of perch, walleye, and several species of deep. The Onaway location hosts the yearly Black Lake Sturgeon Shivaree, in February of each year on nearby Black Lake.

With a new state-of-the art dirt course, Industrial Park, airport, and Renaissance Zone toll free Northern Michigan Business Opportunity features, Onaway’s expectations looks as dazzling as it was at its height during the long ago hobble years.