Remortgage surrey

Remortgage surrey

The former National Lottery Show presenter has remortgaged her £2.2 million house in Surrey after television job temporarily postponed and her husband’s line of work was knocked off.

Miss Turner has not bore any bids from the leading terrestrial Remortgage surrey channels and has just contracted with a small digital channel which is not yet on performance.

Besides, a media agency established last year by her husband Grant Bovey has gone into receivership, owing £700,000 to creditors and imparting him £300,000 that he is unable to pay.

The 40-year-old, who resides with Miss Turner in the four-bedroom house in which they held their wedding reception last August, stated yesterday: ‘numerous people have dropped off revenue on Internet ventures and I, unfortunately, am one of them.’

The last hardships are not the initial to strike the couple, who both left marriages to be together in 1998.

Miss Turner has not got a job since the ‘Flakegate’ affair, once the couple passed out the photographic prerogatives of their wed-ding to OK! magazine for £250,000.

The magazine then issued a photo of the couple eating a Cadbury’s Snowflake bar and they were widely confiscated for being ‘tacky’.

The solely late high-profile show up of the announcer- who began her Remortgage occupation on Blue Peter and came along to become a household name on the GMTV sofa and afterwards as the initial Lottery show host – was in March in the celebrity version of Big Brother, bringing up revenue for Comic Relief.

She was the third person to be forced out from the Remortgage surrey house after Chris Eubank and Vanessa Feltz and cried once she was named.

Miss Turner’s final paid television occupation was fronting Your Kids Are in Charge with her sister Wendy last year. It was not a smash and the BBC has no intention to renovate it.

A BBC spokesman assured: ‘We don’t have anything the least bit in the pipeline with Anthea.’

She has just arranged a deal with the digital channel Taste CFN – possessed by Carlton Television – for a ‘significant’ sum. Her representative yesterday put off rumors that she is having financial problems. He stated that her occupation had set off again since Big Brother and said that there was no economic hardship.

‘The remortgage was simply to manage some work to the house. The revenue which Taste CFN are devoting her is really, really estimable in fact,’ he said.

The business drop off is the third engaging an agency of which Mr Bovey is a manager.

He attempted to deal with the Remortgage surrey liquidation issue with boldness, saying ‘c’est la vie’, but admitted to be affected badly by the experience. Mr Bovey established Wildmedia in January last year, looking forward to begin a regular Internet game which would boast in a televised weekly final.

Then the Internet sphere became implausibly hard and we were unable to step up with the investment that we wanted. I never assumed a penny in the form of a salary or disbursements. All I ever practiced was devoting revenue – and I have dropped it off.’

Mr Bovey, who is recuperating from a Remortgage surrey procedure on a broken down cruciate ligament in his knee, stated that the revenue he had dropped off was ‘balanced out’ by a windfall he had incurred after another agency he was engaged with drifted on the stock market.

He has organized another agency and is in the procedure of trading a game show surrey estimation. The show, called Crunchtime, bears a £1million award at stake and BBC Worldwide asserted that they are in negotiations with Mr Bovey.

A pilot of the Remortgage surrey show is being shot by Noel Edmonds’s Unique Broadcasting at the end of the month.