Sony Computer

Sony Computer

The Sony Computer story

Sony’s Companies made computers in 1980s years for the Japanese market only for Sony’s companies, it left the computer business approximately one 1991. It is later; Sony’s Companies entered again into the market, this time on a global scale, in accordance with the new brand VAIO’s, and start in on 1996 with PCV a Sony Computer model table PCs.

VAIO product

VAIOs appears sub-brand for many Sony’s Companies computer productions. Branding was created for the purpose to isolate the elements, which are used the users of audio and video, and also usual computer products.

For example, Sony’s Companies VAIOs W model special computer, which was the usual pc and miniature entertaining centre.

Sony’s Companies enlarges use VAIOs to label. It can be found on the portable lap top, notebooks, PCs, and hard drive on the basis of audio player, which occurs in both of 20GB and 40GB of fluctuation (called VAIOs POCKET of player).

The special feature of VAIO’s

Portable lap top VAIOs, as a rule, are supplied from Microsoft Windows Of vista Of home Of premium or business, while lower, such as the portable lap top of a model N are supplied from Microsoft Of vista Of home Of basic.

On the state in October 2005, VAIOs the portable lap top are accessible on the demand without reestablished software on only lower price. Very recently, some models are not delivered from the lift CD, but the special division on the hard drive for the recovery of information, including operating system and all software in the complete set. VAIOs to users is proposed to create the collection of the restoration of CDs or DVD- disks immediately after Sony Computer purchase.

VAIOs computers use processors Of Intel, Seagate technician or the hard drives of fujitsu, RAM of Infineon, Sony’s Companies (are as a rule, made Hitachi) and Matsushita of optical drives, Intel and graphic processors NVIDIA and Sony’s Companies of speakers.
Current models of VAIOs

AR – flag 17 ” High-End the multimedia machines
FZ – first 15 ” portable computer from BluRay the burner
CR – new 14 ” derived FJ and C model.
BX – professional 4:3 the notebook
G – Entrance the level of vista portable computer for the professionals
Is n-th entrance the level of vista portable computer for the domestic users?
TZ-11.1 “professional portable computer is ideally suitable for business trips for long from 7 hour of the storage accumulator
SZ-13.3 “the professional portable computer

Complete set of Sony Computer software

VAIOs Computers by special feature wide spectrum specially intended or in the complete set software, which will help you to use a portable computer for the multimedia purposes. Many of these statements inspired analogous programs or integration in OS Windows, for example, the film of shaker preceded XP in Windows Of movie of maker.

It can include additional program products into the complete set:

Adobe Photoshop and premier elements: These goods are grouped within the framework video- and audio- integration, which is proud of its Of Sony’s Companies VAIOs of a model.
Sonic Stage, digital musical leader, Integration from Sony’s’ companies in you will connect the loaded musical services that makes possible for users to transfer music to Sony’s Companies the autonomous musical record player, PDAs, or PSPs.
Picture Gear, software for control the images which preceded popular programs as Picasa.
VAIOs of zones, utilized for hearing of music, the survey of the photographs of slide- show, and to look television set (when tuner is present) and DVD. VAIO zone is equivalent Apple Of front Row and Windows XP Of media of centre of edition.

Trivia of VAIOs

Sony’s Companies VAIO named its line using an acronym for “Video- audio complex Operation “. VAIO logotype is the combination of the analogue and digital signals of technology, The V. a. “is the analogue of wave and ‘IO’ is the digital binary code.

Last data on the portable computer Of Sony’s Companies of the vaios are computer

Sony’s Companies appears well known and reliable the name of technology. They continue to preserve their name in the upper part of the list from Sony’s Companies of the vaio portable computer. In their first model they gave other producers in the innovations and concepts. Even at the beginning of this line the technology Of Sony’s Companies of the vaio portable computer remains simple in the use and at the same time powerful. One of them is the possibility to carry out the complex of task so easily, as they can read their electronic mail.

The name Of Sony’s Companies remains the synonym of the word of Sony experience. It was and remains one of highest sales of names on the market. The portable computer Of Sony’s Companies of the vaio is no exception.

One of the distinctive special features, that Sony’s Companies for the first time to include in the portable computer Of Sony’s Companies Of the vaio was wireless networks. In this portable computer there is no need for acquiring separate device or adding net maps, wireless possibilities were included in their machine. In the remaining part of the portable computer for association it was necessary to clamber to the foot.

Sony Company remains in its upper new rule of the portable lap top, which include the newest technologies of safety. They also were first in the branch on the creation in their portable lap top CD -ROMs of disks. This allows great flexibility in the addition and storage of information or program for user.

Accessible in different colures

To constantly be innovator, Sony’s Company for the first time proposes its portable Pcs in different color versions. They also proposed to glorify your company, logotype on the roof. Pink, green, dark-blue, turquoise, its name, and it will be made. Computers not only for geeks are more. Sony’s Company stores their client it participates in the creation of his personal portable computer, making possible for them to make personal selection into the innovation technologies also of design. This that which holds their clients they return.

New Sony’s company lap top is always creating stronger and complicated. They can maintain several impacts and shakings on the suburban trains will work or in the school. At these days they involve the intensity of the carbon fibers cover.