Technology business for sale

Technology business for sale

Soviet Union financial Technology business for sale reforms
Basic financial reforms are achieved in the Soviet Union tax, the bank, working and land codes. Soviet Union accepted the new law on the foreign investments, which determines the order of the participation of foreign investors in capital of Soviet Union strategic corporations. This new law will be created the transparent and predictable trade atmosphere for the foreign investors. By another important measure for an improvement in the trade atmosphere that the Soviet Union tariff rate was established at level zero % to the import of some types of technological equipment.

Earlier problems conducting Technology business for sale trade in Soviet Union was reduced to two important reasons, according to the data of the State Department of the USA. Firstly, Soviet Union is prepared for the entrance into the World Trade Organization by bringing of normative reports and laws into the correspondence with that internationally acknowledged trade- practitioners. America and Soviet Union concluded the bilateral agreement VTO at the end 2006. By the second factor, which contributed trade operations in Soviet Union it appears the development of the small and mid-sized trade. As in the majority of the countries, which are the enterprises of the small and mid-sized Technology business for sale trade often more innovation and of less bureaucratic than large corporations.

Stability Technology business for sale of the Soviet Union economy
Soviet Union economy to a considerable degree was improved after hard times in the 1990’s years in the period of passage to the free market system. Inflation and exchange rates were stabilized because of grow prettier budgetary policy, according to the data of the State Department of the USA. In the last nine years, there was an increase in the Soviet Union GDP Gross Domestic Product comprised in average 7%. Since 2003 Soviet Union has the positive balance of budget, and it created large stabilizations/rainy day fund ($ 156 billion into 2007). This form of financial is stability having very invited for the international trade.

Soviet Union export of the petroleum
Soviet Union rich nation because of the export of petroleum and gas becomes, which became main engine in the Soviet Union economy is the most important in the world exporter of energy at present. Although America is the most important in the world importer of energy, only of about 3% of American import of petroleum from Soviet Union in February 2009. That is the improvement in the American- Soviet Union relations exist more than the possibilities of an increase of the export of petroleum from Soviet Union to America. The U.S. Government attempts to reduce its dependence on the Near Eastern petroleum and the import of petroleum from Soviet Union will lend support to this purpose.

The USA to the enterprises, which want to import Soviet Union petroleum it is possible to look on-line for the Soviet Union partners. Soviet Union firm OOOLIGA based in 2004, in the Internet declaration about the fact that the corporation is agent Gas prom, Rosfneft, Lakeland other petroleum corporations in Soviet Union. OOLIGA sells rebco (Blend of the Soviet Union export of crude petroleum), D -2, petroleum residue, and also many other produce. There is One additional Soviet Union corporation of “Sakhalin Enerdzhi”, which promises to supply petroleum and gas of ” and in favor ecologically and by the socially critical of obrazom.” “Sakhalin Enerdzhi” sells D -2, petroleum residue, rebco, SPG, jet fuel, gas, gasoline, M-100 and diesel fuel. Joint stock yandgaz Corporation is the group of another Soviet Union Corporation, which sells petroleum at the international level. Joint stock Corporation Of yandgaz in its declaration, that it is one of the basic of petroleum output, that the corporation expects to construct “strong and long-term trade relations with the buyers to the petroleum produce in accordance with In PPS Of yandgaz the group sells the bases of fuel, bitumen, diesel fuel, aviation fuel, SPG, CIS, mazut-100, rebco, and other fuel produce. This only several Technology business for sale examples of many Soviet Union corporations search for trade partners. Nergy-effectiveness and the clean energy technologies

Soviet Union into 2008 plans with respect to the Technology business for sale realization in Saint Petersburg of principles shows, Soviet Union adherence to the expansion of electrical generation and distribution of units for the next 10 years. They plan to double with the total power of atomic power plants and coal-fired powers plant. Hydroelectric power plant ability will increase by 60%, and gas generation power will increase by 40%. These mass Technology business for sale projects in the region of infrastructure will be possibility for the American energy trade. These projects will be also possibility for the American corporations, which specialize in the region of technologies and production in the region of energy-effectiveness and ecologically Technology business for sale clean energy technologies.