West coast franchise expo

West coast franchise expo
Washington occupants are pleased with their Western Division NFL team – the Seattle Seahawks. Though they are an extraordinary team, they are most famous for the entrances, onto the field, during home games. Every home game starts with the amusement of the West coast franchise expo team being assumed onto the field by an Aqur Hawk by the name of Tania.

The Seattle Seahawks have achieved something that no other NFL team has; they have participated in both the NFC and AFC leagues, and have gained titles in both. This is the truth that all football fans are aware of, and that Seahawk fans are gratified to stick by. Seahawk fans are not just pleased with their team’s achievements in various leagues, but of their skill their abilities on the field. Even with an unfortunate 4-12 record in 2008, the Seahawks and their fans keep waiting for an extraordinary season in 2009.
In earlier years, 1972, the Nordstrom family, along with others, was checking up on a new NFL franchise, particularly on the West coasts. This new franchise would be housed in Seattle, WA and would afterwards be possessed by Seattle Professional Football, Inc (in 1974). Ultimately, two years afterwards in 1976, the Seattle Seahawks raged the West coast franchise expo domain for the initial time ever. This was a expo majestic moment for, not just several investors, but fans as well.
Kingdome stadium was the base of several major achievements, and is where the fans stood their ground! Seahawk fans were, and still are, recognized to be the loudest fans in the whole NFL. As a matter of fact, during the initial years, the New York Giants were impelled into 11-false starts, in just one game, all induced by the bedlam of the fans.

This was the beginning of an honorable West coast franchise expo relationship between fan and team. Up till now, the Seahawks distinguish fans commitment, and do what they can to engage the fans, and distinguish them for supporting them all the way. Several franchise events have occurred around the fans – in their honor the Seahawks would claim.
Among the most interesting incidents, by the team to the fans, was the retirement of the number 12. After retirement, jerseys were printed, with the number 12 on them, along with the word Fan (in place of a player name). This West coast franchise expo number was retired particularly for the fans, and is still distinguished as ceremonial at home games.

In 1988, the Seahawks played in Super Bowl XL, but were unlucky to succeed in the ring. Since that time, the team has taken home several victories. As a matter of fact, there have been several West coast franchise expo title victories since then too. The Seahawks took home NFC titles from four years in a row, beginning in 2004.