Wheelie bin cleaning business for sale

Wheelie bin cleaning business for sale

This business is settled and would demand to be functioned in the North Livrpool area of Merseyside. Business can be resettled but would induce loss of present clients.

This business functions on the fundament of each client incurring a washed Wheelie bins once per fortnight. Each clean is charged at £2.00. In real time, we bear 250 repeat clients who apply the service in this method and each devotes a bung of £4.00 every month. The only operating disbursements in this Wheelie bin cleaning business for sale are Diesel, cleanings fluids and General Maintenance, which are really limited and boost a high development percentage.

The method we operate is by pursuing Liverpool Council’s Wheelie bin cleaning business for sale vacating schedule, i.e.: If a client has their trash accumulated on a Monday, we will visit their holding on a Monday twice each month and clean the vacuous bin, inducing the least of inconvenience. For more convenience to our clients, we come back later that day after usual working business hours to accumulate the bung for the clean. Attributing to this method of sale working a stable schedule has been facile to devise.

The Vehicle applied to run the line of work is a 1999 Volkswagen Caddy 1.9 Diesel Van. This has been suited with a frame to carry a 250 liter Water Tank. The tank is baffled and can be filled with either fresh water or a mixture of cleanings liquid and water. Also inside the vehicle – attached, but removable from the water tank is a Petrol, pullstart high power pressure washer. The pressure washer aside with a Turbo lance provides maximum pressure to blast off any long ingrained dirt stains or marks.

This Wheelie bin cleaning business for sale with the following comprised:

– Complete list and address details of 250 current repeat clients. Transcripts of the client Wheelie bin cleaning business for sale rota/schedule

– 1999 Volkswagen Caddy, 1.9 Diesel Van.

– 250 Liter Baffled Water tank, and frame to suit tank safely into Vehicle.

– Marksman Petrol Pressure Washer, with Turbo Lance.

– 20 Liters of Wheelie bin cleaning business for sale dissinfectant/deodorisor

– Handled brush and handle free brush.

– Pair of Neopreen Gloves.

– All machinery will be prepared and fitted inside tank set up for utilization.

– 250 Business Cards, containing your new address details.

– 2 Business Polo shirts bearing company Logo and Name.

– 1000 A6 Business Advertising Flyers comprising your new details.

– 2 Weeks business handover tips and on the line of work training.

– Utilization of Company Logo and Name.

The Annual turnover of this line of work is approximately £12000.00. The possibility to develop the line of work is big and the equipment/provisions comprised are worth more than £2000.00 alone. You had better email just if seriously concerned about the Wheelie bin cleaning business for sale