Auto Electrical Spares business for sale

Auto Electrical Spares business for sale

Cars and Auto-mobiles have become a hassle these days, they were made to make our lives easier but they really don’t at times we wake up in the morning we find a flat tire, or cracked window , or an battery fail, or gas is too low to make it to the nearest gas station but after all this hassle we just can’t live without them. So, instead putting half of my paycheck into a car fixing and wasting my time with arguments and phone calls from my insurance company or the car agency nagging about late installments; I proposed to a couple of college buddies a business idea for auto electrical spares, I wrote the plan for them and they implemented it. Of course, there wasn’t an ad saying Auto Electrical Spares business for sale so they started this all from scratch with some business guidance for me. The plan went as follows:

Location: always at the top of my list especially with service businesses its best to choose a good location with lots of people passing by since its a new idea that markets itself because no matter how much you pay for marketing this will need a different type of marketing to spread.

Marketing: electrical auto spares aren’t so common so the two methods that  go with a business like this are show and tell which is why we pick a busy location and that leads to word of mouth type of marketing.

Consumers : Remember in the line of business with auto spares your targeting everyone all ages above the age of sixteen so they would be car owners to whatever age, and both female and male genders as long as they are legal car owners then they are part of your demographic research.

Financials:This is called a high risk business because your providing a service that is uncommon to public, the best thing to situation like this is to turn it into a partnership even if you have the whole capital because this risk your taking could cause you to lose your entire capital so keep your lose to minimum and your revenue as well until your business launches then start your own franchise chain.

Service: The most important about this last step is that if you want you auto electrical spares business for sale to grow you must be fresh, unique, on time, and up to date always put the customer before anything and be very sharp with your times and deliveries everyone likes punctuality.