Bars or Taverns For Sale

Bars or Taverns For Sale

Bars,bars,bars and more bars they are everywhere but with many different styles, colors, and themes. Some are really old fashioned like the bar on the TV shows
“Cheers” or “Threes Company” those classic bars are still around today in some states, other bars are stylish and fancy very classy look exactly like the ones in hotels, and five-star restaurants, a more common type that probably around most often today the very hip, modern, and clubbing type of bars, and the least common are the taverns they are medieval type bars that hold a historic story behind them to give the idea that we are still in the medieval times.

About a week ago I had an old friend call me and say,” Hey, how about we go into business for ourselves and  look for bars or taverns for sale”  I’m the type of person that likes invest in many businesses but the first question that popped into my head was why a bars or taverns that’d a very odd choice for a business, ” He replied : saying that nowadays all sorts of people like to go to bars whether they are teenagers, parents, or grandparents. So, I thought to myself he has a point were do all people go on weekends bar, mall, supermarket, or home shopping.  I agreed with his idea right away, and said okay but first we must make a business plan that started like this:

– Demographics : is our first research item we need to find, demographics are which age groups and genders are interested most in this type of business we are planning to open after we made our demographics we realized that teenagers took eighty percent ratio from the population that are bar-goers. So, our target consumers are teenagers.

– Location: our search now was for a location near universities, colleges, and tutoring centers so that they would be nearest to teenage students.

– Theme: now its time for the design of it all, that’s what attracts the customer, since it was for teens we started getting lounge booths, with a long bar that had background mirrors, modern wallpaper, and some colorful lighting.

-Entertainment: Is most important try to keep your weekends alive, put different types of shows , offer gigs to local musicians, turn it into an audition, and maybe even introduce some new culture (example: belly dancing)

– Budget: Last but not least, search for items that are lowest in price in order to reach your capital money in no time, but don’t just buy cheap look items to fill the space you have if the item has to be expensive with no substitute then go ahead and buy it remember with an entertainment business like that the key is quality before quantity.