coinstar franchise opportunities

coinstar franchise opportunities

I don’t know if you ever heard about coinstar but its quite the business idea, this idea has been adopted by so many countries and has been working very well with so many people. Coinstar has a target and a goal that is to take your coins and turn them into hard cash that you could use to invest, rent, and buy a business or franchise with. Of course that doesn’t happen overnight it takes some time meaning instead of keeping a piggy bank at home that you could use at times, this a piggy bank that keeps growing with interest. Its on a whole new level of saving, how many of us have loose change that we keep in a jar or piggy bank, I’m one of those people….

I use to go to bingo night with lots of people and while we were competing for who is going to win, they told me if they win they will take there win straight to coinstar so I asked what is coinstar they replied and explained that there daughters and sons don’t have enough money to pay a down payment on a house, or renting an office, so they have been advised by there business consultant to go with coinstar franchise opportunities, they explained to them to take all the extra savings they have and give it to the coinstar organization and they won’t give you the money until you reach your target or goal.

As I sat there I thought to myself why shouldn’t I check that coinstar franchise opportunities idea out as well  because I have grandchildren that might not have an opportunity to go to college unless I help out, what’s so great about coinstar is they let you write the name of the people or person you want to take the money after your death or if your ill or if you have stopped being completely in your mind I don’t mean going crazy I mean those horrible brain damages that happen to some of us at old age. I went ahead and called the coinstar franchise opportunities headquarters and they lead me to an office in my neighborhood that I called and they explained to me exactly the paperwork I needed, and the things I need to do in order to join.

First: They asked for the basics, id photo, social security, birth certificate, and a recent photo.

Second: A bank statement to prove that I did need there services, and an asset statement stating all things I owned

Third: The reason why I’m joining there facilities, and to whom I’m doing this for.