lulu lemon franchise opportunity

lulu lemon franchise opportunity

At first I wasn’t sure what that was, but after I found out the lulu lemon is a clothing franchise I truly enjoyed going and looking at clothing for my teenage daughters, they have a variety of clothing with extremely good prices. They are what you call a wholesale clothing franchise but they put a catchy name on it, before it opened they had there store covered up in the mall with a large cardboard box like paper that had a lulu lemon advertisements on it my kids and I thought it was a kids clothing store, and some thought it was an infant clothing store.

lulu lemon franchise opportunity has become the next big thing, they are willing to franchise in order to get there supplies out there and guess what they deserve it. Some say that they might get to a point when they will start franchising on there own without needing the investments from the outside closing the market for outside business owners or investors to franchise the lulu lemon business franchise. Now, franchising a good brand name is a hard job and it requires a lot of work, its true you do take the franchise original decor they even could assign you a location and they provide the products all you really do is attend board meetings and pay the capital .

If that is your idea about franchising then that is incorrect, because franchising is easy when it comes to the business itself but it is hard in maintaining it, now you must think of the advertising schemes and the meeting ideas that you must bring in to increase business, you have a job to do in keeping the store running and increasing the amount of customers. Attending each board meeting you must have an idea for the lulu lemon franchise opportunity to increasing your profits and revenue, the best marketing strategies for increasing consumers are:

Word of mouth : This should always be on the top of your list most people won’t pay money in something they heard is bad especially from a close friend or relative they trust.

Promotional ideas: Everyone loves a promotion and needs a sale let’s suggest a buy two get the third 50% off, that always gets with the customer interested.

Price battle with the competitor: Your price range has to be in the same range of your competitor if its similar quality, then it should have the similar price.