McDonald’s for sale in NY

McDonald’s for sale in NY
Imagine the busiest city, having the bustiest restaurant,how busy would that be?! Did you know that there are about two dozen McDonald’s restaurants in NY, isn’t that a lot of McDonald’s to go around, you can find them in malls, near universities, inside high school food courts, and in time square of course. Sometimes I wonder did the person that made McDonald’s know that one day it would be such a great hit, I really don’t think so…

McDonald’s has become a number one family favorite and has made so many hits in many different countries over a hundred and twenty countries and sixty billion customers being served by McDonald’s today. How did they get so successful some ask, well before you ask that question did you know how they started, McDonald’s was a small barbecue grill the idea came from, burger flipping on the grill once.
If you sit and hear the entire story of how McDonald’s started and how it stayed to it is today you believe in fate and cherish the miracles that come out of people some times. With McDonald’s the ideas just kept rolling they made the first drive thru, then the started going ahead with adding different flavors like ketchup with mayonnaise or mustard with pickles they started mixing and matching all the different dressings and toppings on the burger.

They didn’t just stop there they thought if they could make their own tasty burger they should make their own chicken burger as well, have their own dessert menu and of course what’s more important than breakfast. They just hitting it up putting there competition on the sides and rolling the ball shooting a couple of franchises at time in each country, in the hundred and twenty countries I mentioned earlier they have more than a dozen McDonald’s franchises located in each country making a statement every step of their way, especially with their idea of taking the demographical research to a whole new level.
If your own of those who would like to own a successful franchise and you know how to even make it better, I recommend you find yourself a good location in NY because people just love to eat McDonald’s there, with its dense population that will ensure that you have a good amount of sales even after all that capital you spent on McDonald’s for sale in NY.