metro pcs business opportunities

metro pcs business opportunities

I wonder what would happen to the world, without computers (pcs) or the main source of those items which is the internet, now imagine if internet was banned from the world. What would people do in a situation like that ?? I hope that this day will never come, Some people have a vision that one day the earth will come to point where internet has to be banned, because of the extreme attachment to the internet and social media.

Nowadays, they are trying to get children away from the internet at such a young age, I have noticed that today teachers teach on tablets, and almost explain everything through the computer. I just have one question where did the books go?? When I was young I  use to love story time , more than anything in the world. Now, things have really changed, internet made life easier it helped give out some jobs, it helped those who cannot afford books to download books and read them of the internet, and it also made life easier for teachers in the classroom.

Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the internet to children and adults as well:


– A wide variety of information from all around the world for any topic you would like

– Download books

– Find educational songs

– Creative party ideas for schools, birthdays, or parties


– Children get too attached to it

– Adults use social media more than supposed sometimes taking time away from their work

– Teenagers are always sticking there noses inside their phones hardly doing their homework texting and chatting

I want ask some business owners do you think that it’s a good idea to use these pcs inside a metro station, or it isn’t worth it, well I’ll explain my point on this topic as well, like I just said it has some advantages and some disadvantages but doesn’t everything around us and if we look closely the advantages are more than the disadvantages. I have a perspective that is always split into two

First: That it would help those going to school or work to finish homework, or unfinished work and at the same time to make sure that they are using the internet for the best usage we will block all X sites and websites that are like it.

Second: That people will just take it as an easy road to finish their work on the metro going or coming back rushing themselves so the outcome will be not so great, so that would be a bad idea for metro pcs business opportunities.