milk distribution business for sale

milk distribution business for sale


We don’t know how hard it truly is to run a farm, and take care of everything that has to deal with it, no one takes the time to even think how all our healthy dairy products came into place, and how we got to the way we are today with all the farm production technology and machinery. Sometimes the most important things in life are the least to take to mind, which is why I always advice anyone who is planning to open a business to rethink more than two times if it sticks then its a winner, don’t ever just wing it because remember this is your money and business career at stake here.


The only way you should think of about any business is how it will start and how it will keep going, never make an ending plan with a starter plan that like getting married and filing for divorce, lots of marriages suffer and so do businesses so try to think of the fixing aspects at hand rather then the divorce or ending right away. Every business has its own personality that’s why today I choose to talk about the milk distribution industry because none of us really took the time to appreciate how complicated it really is.


In every business we have a chain of events, the logistics chain this chain is always made up of so many parties, that complete each other in order to reach the highest maximum profit of the day not the year, this business works on a daily basis, the people that distribute the milk work on daily basis, and those who refine it also work on daily basis.


The chain here starts by using the farmer that takes care of the cow, feeds it, baths it, providing nutrient and all the medication needed for that cow to give us the healthiest milk she’s got, then you have the milkers they are usually farmers as well, but very highly trained farmers because they try and take the most out of there cow’s milk, then you got the boilers these are usually companies they boil the milk then freeze then boil it again to make sure its chemical free, after that they bottle and ship to grocery stores for people like me and you could buy them.


Now, there is an old fashion way to go about the milk distribution, there are ways where you could make your own milk, but rather then sending it to any company for filtration or boiling you do it at home, and have a delivery boy send it around the neighborhood of course by order, but that would a harder way to go about a milk distribution business for sale.