recycling of asphalt millings in Florida

recycling of asphalt millings in Florida


Why do they always remind us to recycle, well I don’t think I have to mention all the things that it saves in your country because you should already know that by now, so many people have become aware of the recycling process, and everyone recycles for there own reasons. Some people recycle because its good for the economy and reduces pollution, others recycle in order to save money on plastic items like large packaging companies, and my most favorite of all these people are those that recycle because its just the right thing to do.


But what is the main purpose we recycle, what do all the commercials tell us, and we just don’t listen close enough to the advantages in recycling there are two main targets behind the idea of recycling:

number one: the re-usage of broken down items, they don’t take the item you throw and clean it, they take it and recreate a whole new item which is even better, the best thing about this process is it not only saves lots of money for the economy but it also helps companies pay more taxes, helping the country increase its income.


number two: it creates jobs, creating jobs in a world that has a large unemployment rate is very important because that will help decrease another problem in the economy, and as the population grows as the trash increases and recycling should also increase that creates other jobs for picking up the trash and making sure that the people recycled all items correctly, etc.


As everything has its advantages it also has its disadvantages, like any other job or item in the world there has to be a disadvantage, the only disadvantage that probably comes to mind is its always that cost effective, meaning that you could spend more on recycling bins then what you regain from the items you actually recycle, while we both know that the recycled items don’t last as long as new items, also keep in mind that some items could be recycled more than once, making it hard to use it all.

Some items like milling and items related to them, are good for recycling and could produce lots of things, but after they have been recycled twice you could only use pieces and parts but you can’t use them all again especially in some states like recycling of asphalt millings in Florida.