Shipping Solutions for Temperature-Controlled Products for sale

Shipping Solutions for Temperature-Controlled Products for sale

How many of us in a day use temperature-controlled products??!! I want you to ask yourself what are these called temperature-controlled products that for sale, some people may know them as cold chain products, or cool products. Have you guessed what they might be by now…well if you already know that they are medicine that hospitals,clinics,pharmacies, schools,and people use everyday they aren’t just medication they are also preserved foods, don’t you think its awkward that during all seasons we find all types of frozen vegetables and fruits not only are these some of the items that are considered temperature-controlled product but also cold cuts like turkey, cheese, and bacon etc. some people worry that these foods could go rotten during transportation, but today I’m here to re-ensure you that even during colonial types they had many solutions to that problem, obviously with all the technology around us today we shouldn’t worry.

During the time of the Native Americans they invented what we all love to eat -beef jerky- they had no storage areas, or coolers they made a room where they would take buffalo meat and they would preserve it by adding some salt and leaving it to dry. However, that doesn’t sound so delicious, now we have different countries and states that we import and export things to and from. They had to come up with shipping solutions that could be efficient for traveling days and long hours without going rotten.

Cool Storing:

– This is when a product has to travel overnight or for a couple of days, each state now has a cooling warehouse to ensure that any item could be frozen overnight till the next pickup is made.

Cooled Containers:

– These containers are made for special types of trucks, from the inside they look like a regular freezer with storing levels from 2-8 degrees Celsius.

Cross Docking:

– Is a new approach that I have heard about from alot of people are talking about its a sea method large containers made especially for keeping products cool.

Dry Storage:

– Is known as the process of moving each frozen item from one container to another, this is usually used for overnight travel.

Interstate Distribution:

– Our normal day to day trucks are now made with cooling containers for short trips.