Starting a Skateboard shop

Starting a Skateboard shop

A long time ago skate boards weren’t such a trend, but today they went professional they became one of the most watched sports in history of sports. For those who look at it as a small wooden piece of cardboard that has wheels and breaks kids necks, it actually is an art that many cannot master easily. As so many people try to do it and don’t succeed that proves my point that it is a very hard sport, it isn’t that easy to acquire to or adapt your body moves to it.

Your probably asking is it a good idea to invest in this wooden wheels, I would have to agree because they are used by many, its not failure business on the contrary its very successful so many people adopted the idea. Starting a Skateboard shop is one of the greatest idea a business owner could do, because they could be rented not just sold that will increase your profits adding  a service to help those who cannot afford one, another great service that people are providing is skateboard lessons they really make a difference with people.

Let’s get down to business, get your notepad and jot this down, starting a skateboard shop its needs :

First: Location is key when it comes to business like this, if your opening in a place where people have no interest in sports how is that convenient, you should open in an area that has big space you could provide the training services, and for an hourly rental to skateboard in a safe environment.

Second: Demographic research analysis to me is the most important thing but location had to come in first this time, demographics are also very important because they are the target group that you are waiting to bring in as your future and constant customers.

Third: Marketing/ Competitor research analysis are the third most important I want you to remember that lots of people have started adopting this trend so, you need to above and beyond with service providing and creating new ideas.

Fourth : Design/ Decor those are fourth important in a business like this, there are no limits to the things you can do, you just need big space to be able to do whatever you need to grab your customer attention as much as possible, that’s how to keep the ball rolling.