Wholesale Import/Export from Home Franchise

Wholesale Import/Export from Home Franchise

Nowadays everyone wants to own everything at anytime and not only that but also at good price. Today, the market place  has become a variety of brands,colors,styles,and designers to each and every retailer or distributor its there mission to be on top of that market that’s why they follow wholesale import/export franchise whether from home or in a local shop or on the internet. Import, is when your home country purchases items from broad while, export is the opposite where your home country has something a foreign country wants. Its  all about the supply and demand cycle where the consumer needs/wants are more than what’s available so te idea to import from a country that has surplus ( extra supply) is in tact. These days people can start Wholesale Import/Export from Home Franchise, because the internet has done a quiet sufficient job at giving us everything right to our fingertips.

Just a thought, doesn’t this remind you of a practice that started a long time ago between the tribes of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, when they would meet at each boarder and trade items like rice,salt,corn etc. Its the same idea with Import and Export only on a more highly advanced level. Starting up your own wholesale import/export from home franchise is very simple its exactly like any business except your considered to be the “monkey in the middle” meaning your job is to take the consumers demand and merge it with the producers supply. This franchise could be started from anywhere is the world for instance your work office or your own home the idea is to follow steps of any business.

First: write your business plan

– determine who you want your consumer to be ( age, gender, occupation, and interest)
– make a website that fits for that type of consumer (colorful , trendy , or hip)
– determine the costs of this business (how much the site will cost, the design, or the labor time you’ll put in it)

Second: determine the laws and rights for import/export franchises in your home country

– look at the barriers (entry barriers meaning you could purchase an item then find yourself returning the items to the producer and losing your consumer)
-look at the tariffs (taxation, finding yourself purchasing an item for one dollar and paying two dollars to have it enter the country then there will be no revenue for you in return)

Third: make a long term marketing plan

– how long do you think this item will be demanded
– change some things up to stay always on the top market
-always keep yourself up to date with import/export laws and competitors

In my point of view this is the market to enter today, its worth the time, risk and effort believe me everything around us is already either imported or exported so its best if your the one that starts your own wholesale Import/export from home franchise. We don’t know what the world holds for us next but each day its seems to be getting more and more advanced.