Petroleum Refinery For Sale

Petroleum Refinery For Sale
Petroleum Refinery For Sale
Petroleum Refinery For Sale
Petroleum Refinery For Sale
35,000,000$total price

Petroleum Refinery For Sale

Petroleum Refinery For Sale

KCS Worldwide Trading have 20k, 30k, 55k, 77k, 100k bpd used petroleum refinery for sale.

We also have 275k bpd running petroleum refinery for sale, based in USA. Expected price $100 million to $2 billion.

The primary purpose of a petroleum refinery is to separate.

and transform crude oil into different fractions or components based on their boiling points and chemical properties.

The refining process involves several complex operations, including:

  1. Distillation: Crude oil is heated in distillation units, and different components with varying boiling points are separated through distillation towers. This process separates the crude oil into various fractions, such as gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, heating oil, and residual fuel oil.
  2. Conversion: Certain refining processes, such as catalytic cracking, hydrocracking, and coking, are employed to convert heavier and less valuable fractions into lighter and more valuable products, such as gasoline and diesel.
  3. These processes break down complex hydrocarbon molecules to produce higher-quality fuels.
  4. Treatment: The refining process also involves treating the fractions to remove impurities and improve their quality. Treatment processes include desulfurization to reduce sulfur content, hydrogenation to remove impurities, and various other treatments to enhance product performance and meet regulatory requirements.
    1. Blending:

    2. After processing, the refined petroleum products are often blended to achieve desired specifications and meet specific market demands. Blending involves mixing different fractions and additives to create fuels with specific properties, such as octane ratings and cetane numbers.
    3. Product Distribution:

    4. Once the refining process is complete, the refined products are typically stored in tanks before being distributed through pipelines, trucks, or ships to end users, such as gas stations, airports, industrial facilities, and consumers.
    5. Petroleum Refinery For Sale

    The range of petroleum products produced by a refinery includes gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, heating oil, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), asphalt, lubricants, waxes, and various petrochemical feedstocks used in the production of plastics, chemicals, and other products.

  • Gross Revenues: Seller Will Provide
  • Cash Flow: : Seller Will Provide
  • Cash Flow Type: Not Disclosed.
  • Seller Financing: Not Disclosed
  • Inventory:: As per request
  • Year Established: 06/15/1990
  • Number of Employees:: OVER 30
  • Relocatable:: NO
  • Franchise:: NO
  • Current Real Estate:: Owned
  • Property:: Property For Sale
Alabama , usa