Athletic Clothing Manufacturing business for sale

Athletic Clothing Manufacturing business for sale

The effectivity of licensing trademarks for business purposes seems to be at an unprecedented high position, mainly in the fashion field where consumers are purchasing more licensed products and brand names than ever before. Regarding Athletic Clothing Manufacturing business for sale retailers, licensing opportunities offer them an advantage that doesn’t exist with their competitors.

Licensing is renting a legally secured property (like trademarked or copyrighted name, logo, likeness, character, phrase or design) to another party combined with a product, service or promotion. It is a procedure which sets tension on consumer management, development of brand equity in line with international imagery, offering proper shopping ambience and maybe is less about manufacturing. Licensing is a method of developing with an already constructed brand. It offers the brand recall advantages, which are not possible in case one comes out with a brand Athletic Clothing Manufacturing business for sale new image.

There are several kinds of licensing businesses like art & design, corporate brands, events, fashion brands, food & drink, institutional, magazine brands, music, personalities, sports and television licensing to mention a few.

The benefits of licensing for licensors

The principal benefit for a licensor is the easiness of applying and building up its brand or property.

Licensing can accomplish this through:

. Stepping up with its brand availability at a retail or distribution outlet.

. Increasing brand recognition to help keep up its main products or services.

. Manufacturing Offering and raising its core values through different links with the licensed products/service or category.

. Entering new markets (consumer or geographical) which were unachievable with its own sale abilities.

. Bringing in new lucre streams, often with limited engagement or more financial resources

The benefits of licensing for licensees

The principal benefit of a Athletic Clothing Manufacturing business for sale licensee (especially manufacturer or retailer) is the capability to make consumer really interested in and sales of its products or services.

Licensing can accomplish this through:

. Adjusting the values and consumer favour towards the licensed product or service.

. Offering more value and differentiation in the highly dynamic market.

. Providing more marketing support or speed from the core property’s activity afforded by the licensor.

. Pulling in new target markets who have not been recognized in a licensee’s product or service.

. Offering authenticity for heading into new market sectors through product extension.

. Achieving more retail space and benefit.

Licensing: The increasing scenario worldwide

Looking into the year-after-year worldwide retail sales from 2000 to 2004, the licensing business this year has presented a step-up. As a whole, 2004 predicted worldwide retail sales of licensed business raised 1.5 % to $175.3 billion against 2003 $172.7 billion, with the USA making almost $110 billion (almost $5.805 billion in royalties) and Europe $34 billion. In UK, the brand licensing industry Athletic Clothing Manufacturing business for sale represents around £7billion in retail and £368million in royalties.

Recently several Athletic Clothing Manufacturing business for sale international textile-garment-apparel manufacturing companies are in news attributing to their licensing arrangement with several other companies.

Everlast Worldwide Inc, which is a name associated with men’s and women’s clothes and accessories, recently proclaimed signing a new four-year license arrangement with Jacques Moret Inc of New York City. As of January 1, 2006, this new arrangement grants Moret, a leading Athletic Clothing Manufacturing business for sale provider to the US clothes market, a license for Everlast men’s activewear, sportswear, outerwear and swimwear in the United States.