Chicken Franchise for sale

Chicken Franchise for sale

Sales and Closing…Closing and Sales in home based franchise (or any business or company for that matter) seems to still have an unfavorable sense. Even though I have been in sales for years, have perpetually been in the top 5% of earners, I still don’t like to hear the word close.

I am aware that for me, it is associated with my initial Chicken Franchise for sale days of sales. I studied Tom Hopkins and close was always the key word. I believe the word back then was trial close. However, leastwise in the Franchise companies that I worked with in the 80’s, they wanted me to close often and close hard. As a matter of fact, when I had co-travel…Oh I wasn’t interested in co-travel, if I didn’t close hard sufficiently and often sufficiently during my sales presentation; it was a red mark on my advancement report the next day.

Fortunately, sales and closing nowadays have really changed, but unfortunately most people in the home based franchise industry are not aware of that. I believe that people who consider sales and closing think about the used car sales people of past times. So my question to you is what percentage of the sales call should be the close? If you responded anything over around 5%, then you are Franchise back in the 80’s way of selling.

This is a tricky question because the Chicken Franchise for sale master salesperson, the master direct sales and marketing leader in their own home based franchise will not even seek to close. The sale client will purchase. Our mission, if you need to regard it as a mission, is to ask the questions to find out what the client needs and what he wants. You have to get them to close themselves into thinking that they actually must have your product and if they do not own your product, they will be at a considerable downside.

The least amount of time demanded to close is the right answer. The rest of your time should be spent on the value the client gets on ownership, and testimonials supporting your claims. The more Chicken Franchise for sale value and testimonials, the less time needed for closing.

How marvelous is this knowledge? No more closing for your home based franchise!! I am sure that you are partnered with a terrific company and product. I am certain that they have more testimonials of your products and services than anyone really knows what to do with. Create a limited list of initial questions you might ask your prospect or client on what they are seeking; tell them about how effective is that you are provide them with and if there is a fit, there is a Chicken Franchise for sale advantageous solution for all engaged parts.

So…isn’t sales and closing for your home based franchise the most estimable career in the world? I certainly Chicken Franchise for sale believe that it is and now that you are aware that you are no more required to close…I wish that it is for you too!

Go, make a move and create a wonderful day for you and your home based franchise.