concessions businesses for sale

concessions businesses for sale

When I hear the word concession all I think about are hotdog stands, popcorn machines, cotton candy, lollipops, chocolate bars, corn dogs, soda pop, ice cream, gummy bears etc,. A concession business is very profitable especially if its in the right place and time, like soccer ball games, football games, baseball games, basketball games, fundraisers,and small mall supermarkets. Its amazing how they make a difference to us when we don’t quite realize it they are important, its an easy business to start but hard to find a good place for it and even harder to find an ad shouting out at you yelling – concession business for sale – this business doesn’t work like that you have to make it on your own.

First: Lets look for a good location, when I say games I don’t mean just professional games they could be school games everyday needs something to nibble on while they are tensions watching there favorite team play, we could say schools, fundraisers could be anywhere but don’t depend too much on them because they are not occasional, amusement parks are a good idea, and in front of supermarkets if some one wants to a grab a snack on the way home or on the way in, kids love concession stands ask me about it.

Second: After you have the location done, categorize your inventory to winter and summer items, you can’t have ice cream in the winter it won’t sell that much you could replace that with a choice of soup, In the summer you need to make sure that you don’t leave out chocolate bars too much, or hotdogs or corn dogs. Also remember that these aren’t only for kids, adults love those concession stands too.

Third: a concession business for sale isn’t available everywhere but they all have the same design, the design is very important that you keep it simple and rigid just like concession stand that people are use to don’t be fancy because no one wants that.

Fourth: Try to keep your prices in tact with other concession stand businesses so they don’t seem the odd one out and trust me you’ll get an ignorant comment that won’t make your day, and it will drive the customers away.

Fifth: Don’t just think of the profit work efficiently and the profit will come to your concession business for sale idea.