subway for sale in Toronto

subway for sale in Toronto

Just so you know Canada is the next best thing , it has been developing to an extent in the last couple of twenty years, it has all the fast food restaurants you could think of its all becoming creative in creating its own trademarks and restaurant style as well, as making their own fast food brands. Some of my close friends who have visited there said that it has become a replica of the US. Anyways its a beautiful country with lots of history to it; its all divided into states you have the main ones Toronto, Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta.
Lots of people are moving to Toronto, Canada they say that the weather all year long is cool, and winter is cold but there are lots of job opportunities open for foreigners.

I had a pen pal come about two years, I showed him around the state he was very fascinated at the way people live there lives in the states, but the only thing he talks about till today its the subway sandwich he had, he proposed a good idea to franchise in Toronto, Canada a subway business, at first I took the idea and just ignored it but after a while I found one of my friends franchising a pizza hut down in Quebec, Canada and told me that it was the best thing that ever happened to him. I called my friend and asked him “do you still have that idea?”  He was very happy to hear that I considered his subway for sale in Toronto idea. As a business consultant I started to brush up on laws, tariffs, and barriers for Canada, I also looked at the franchising laws and copy rights for opening a franchise business in a different country.

First: You have to get an approval from both parties the country you’ll be franchising in, and the franchisee that you will be franchising once you get there approval your ready to go.

Second: You choose a location that works for your business then you must get the approval of the franchisee, after that has been approved you go on to copy rights.

Third: You sign statement saying that subway will hold its copy rights anywhere in the world, not that they gave you the approval to go forth with subway for sale in Toronto business idea.

Fourth: They send you the design of the subway that your going to franchise, the counter has to look the same, the uniform, the logo, and title of the store.